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4 Crafts to Enjoy with Kids

Most children love crafts projects. That’s why elementary school includes so many wonderful assignments for them. Once they’re familiar with the joy of crafting, it’s easy to teach them new skills that could become lifelong hobbies. Here are 4 crafts to enjoy with kids.

4 Crafts to Enjoy with your Kids

Building a Better Mailbox

While children today don’t have the same appreciation of the importance of mail as people of a past generation, they still think the mailbox is fun. You can teach them the thrill of designing their own thanks to this decorative guide to mailbox personalization. It shows the many ways that parents and children can update the look of their front yard inbox to reflect the various holidays.

Children can grow into DIY enthusiasts simply by performing these changes. All it takes is a few crafting elements and a mailbox post from a reliable retailer to transform one of the ugliest parts of your property into a bright spot. Your kids will get a thrill from their new creation every time they see the front yard.

Lollipop Tree

The name itself, lollipop tree, evokes images of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in the heads of parents and children alike. It’s also one of the easiest craft projects imaginable. All the child needs is some safety scissors, a Styrofoam cone, and a bunch of lollipops.

With only a modest amount of parental supervision, your kid will quickly deduce that they can can shove the lollipop sticks directly into the tree. By cutting the sticks when appropriate, they can build an entire tree filed with lollipops. The lowest tier will include the full stick, the middle tier will feature half a stick, and the top-tier will only contain the stub of the lollipop stick. Once the child has placed all the lollipops, they can admire their handiwork until they get the munchies and start to devour the candy parts.

Dress Hat

Kids love to play dress-up, and they’ll enjoy even more happiness if they have a hand in crafting a part of their outfit. All you’ll need to teach them how is a felt hat, fabric remnants, some fake flowers, ribbons, and a bow. Show your child that the fabric remnants become a kind of “sticky board” once they’re glued to the hat. You can attach whatever design you like to them, creating the crazy but somehow stylish hat your child desires. They’ll get a kick out of wearing it for months to come.

Teaching kids about the joy of crafting is easy. All you need is to pick the perfect projects to teach them how much fun it is to make your own stuff.

Miss Magoos Ornament

Personalized Ornaments

One of the joys of crafting is that the newly formed keepsakes represent new memories that can last a lifetime. A family that creates personalized ornaments is doing more than teaching a child how to build something with their hands. They’re also adding a key component to future decorations. Every time the crafted piece goes on the tree, the family can recount the story of its creation. Many guides suggest creative ways to craft these personalized ornaments, and most of them are as original as they are inexpensive.

4 Crafts to Enjoy with your Kids