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Why PicMonkey is Awesome & 6 Ways to Use It

If you edit pictures, make social media graphics, or just want an awesome cover picture for your social media profile, you need to check out PicMonkey!

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Have you ever tried the online photo editor PicMonkey? Not only is it amazing but it also has many tools & uses that you probably didn't know about!!

So this is one of those things I’ve been using FOREVER and rave about much just never shared with you guys.  First off, I didn’t think it was a secret about how awesome PicMonkey is but I’m finding more and more people that haven’t used it or if they have don’t know it’s full potential. Second, I think it’s something I just take for granted and even though I use it almost every day, I forget to share it with others!!

So if you don’t know what PicMonkey is at all, it’s an online photo editor, graphic maker, & all around awesome tool for social media users, bloggers, direct sales consultants & basically everyone! There are often updating it with more overlays (like stickers), So what can you do on PicMonkey — so many awesome things! but I’m going to share with you just a couple!

6 Awesome Uses for PicMonkey

1. Easy Photo Editing – Ok, this one is a no brainer.  I mean it’s a photo editor! I don’t have photoshop; I wish I did but I don’t.  So PicMonkey is where I do all my blog editing. It’s fast, it’s easy & it does a great job!! I can edit, add captions, & add watermarks quickly!

Before & After editing with PicMonkey

You can quickly adjust colors, add brightness & use the clone feature to quickly fix small imperfections. You don’t have to have a graphic design background to use it, it’s so simple!!

2. Digital Invitations – The template feature under design on PicMonkey make it super easy to make an invitation in a couple minutes.  A little while back, I had forgotten to make invitations to a surprise birthday party! PicMonkey to the rescue!


3. Social Media Graphics – I love making graphics on PicMonkey! You can use the templates for this too or create your own design > custom size.  The different overlays, text, & themes make the choices for this endless!

Here’s some of my favorite ones I’ve made lately!







Whether you choose to edit a picture, you a template, or start from scratch social media graphics can be done so quickly!

4. Social Media Cover Photos – Another great use of templates! For this one go to design > blank canvas and you can pick the social media you want a cover photo for! I love this because before I was always trying to guess the correct size for a Facebook page, group, or Twitter profile! And of course they are all different! Here’s the cover picture I just made for my Norwex VIP group.


5. Collages – Another no brainer, but if you’re looking for a great place to collage plus add text or overlays, check how easy it is to do on PicMonkey!!


6. Printable – PicMonkey isn’t just for online things!! I love to make things to print out as well.  Whether it’s flyers for church events or decorative printable, PicMonkey is the place!  Start as design for this as well and play around and see what you can create!!


These are  some printables I had fun making!

Have you used PicMonkey before? What’s your favorite feature?
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Have you ever tried the online photo editor PicMonkey? Not only is it amazing but it also has many tools & uses that you probably didn't know about!!