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6 Party Games for Kid’s Birthday Parties

6 tried and true party games for kid’s birthday parties!

6 tried and true party games for kid's birthday parties!

It’s birthday season again! You’re probably racking your head, almost going berserk because you want this kids party entertainment to be fun.

What do you really need to make these kids excited? Party games! If you’ve got super nice games, the kids would be having so much fun that pulling the plug on the party might become a very difficult task.

Here are a couple of fun party games to help kick-start the party:

  1. The Prize Walk

The prize walk is a game that’s been around for a while. Here’s how to play it: write down numbers from 1-30 on square blocks of paper, and stick them to the floor in a circle. Then make smaller rolls of paper with the same numbers, and shuffle them up into a basket.

Have some background music play, and ask the kids to walk around the circle. The instruction to be given beforehand is that when the music stops, the kids need to remain on the numbers where they are standing. 

At this point, one paper is picked from the smaller rolls of paper within the basket; and then called out. The child standing on the corresponding number wins a prize! This game is age-appropriate for children 2 years and younger.

  1. Photo Scavenger Hunt

The fun thing about this game is there’s no cap on the ages at which kids can play this game. It can also be played anywhere.

All you need do is sketch out a map for kids; giving them clues as to how to find whatever it is that would win them the prize. Alongside each clue, place rewards that would be earned by the kids as they go on.

6 tried and true party games for kid's birthday parties!

  1. Bursting Balloons

Now, this is an interesting game! Typically, you’d need kids to be at least 4 years old to fully participate in it. In small sheets of paper, write down challenges/ stuff to be carried out, and put them into balloons before inflating them.

Play some music and ask the kids to bop the balloons in the air for as long as the music is playing. The last child seen to have contact with a balloon after the music has stopped playing has to do the challenge in that particular balloon!

6 tried and true party games for kid's birthday parties!

  1. Paper Boat Race

This game is a bit technical and is meant for older kids (about 6-8years). All you need for this game are paper boats and a water tub.

You are to make paper boats and give one, along with a straw, to each child. They would then have to use their straws to blow air onto the boats and propel the boats forward in the tub. The winner is the person who can move the paper boat to the other side; fisherman style!

  1. Musical Chairs

In this always popular game, you place chairs with the seats facing outwards, in the form of a circle. The chairs should be one less than the number of children playing.

With some music turned on, you ask the kids to dance around the chairs and to sit as soon as the music goes off. The child who’s left standing after each play is evicted from the game with a clap while others continue until the very end when two last kids are standing and they have to battle to bring out a winner.

6 tried and true party games for kid's birthday parties!

  1. Carrying Marbles (with a Spoon)

This is a fun game which could get super competitive and is guaranteed to have even the adults screaming words of encouragement.

Keep two tables some distance apart, with several bowls containing marbles on one table at one end. The other table contains empty bowls, and the kids are asked to move the marbles from the bowls which contain marbles to the other one.

After picking up the marble with a spoon, the kid places the spoon in his or her mouth and attempts to move as fast as possible to the other end with empty bowls, and deposit the marble into the bowl designated for him or her. Amidst shouts and screams, the child who transfers the most amount of marble wins the game!

Ready to go have some fun? I bet you are!

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6 tried and true party games for kid's birthday parties!