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About Us

We, Coffee With Us 3, are a group of 3 friends (technically Kerry and Lucy are also sisters) who grew up in Idaho together and have remained friends throughout the years.  We decided to start this blog to share ideas, recipes, crafts, and more to encourage each other and all who stop by to read our posts. 
 Our goal: To help you make your house a home for you and your family through recipes, crafts, home & garden ideas, activities for kids, and stories of our lives and faith. 
We don’t have it all figured out; we are learning, growing, and figuring out how to best do life with our families.  We hope you join us and we can figure this “life” thing out together. Brew a cup of coffee (or tea, or cocoa, or whatever you drink) and hang out with us awhile.  
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If you’re new here, you may be wondering what kind of posts you can expect.  We have five major themes, or as we call them in the sidebar, categories.  We blog about food, a lot actually.  We share our original recipes and other recipes we’ve tested and enjoyed.  Most of the recipes we share are kid-friendly and pretty easy, though Kerry does branch out a bit more.

You will also find a lot of Kids activities here.  We love kid’s crafts and games!  There are 7 Coffee With Us 3 Kids, so we are always looking for new and fun activities to do with them!  You will also find posts about homeschooling, as Jamie embarks on that new venture.

Not only do we love kid’s crafts, but sometimes we share the crafts that we have created too.  We also share our adventures in home decor, home management, and gardening.  

And finally, we share with you stories from our lives, stories about our families, faith, and adventures.  We hope you find many things you enjoy!

If you love this site and would like to help support it, you can shop your favorite online stores (Amazon, Zulily, Pick your Plum, etc) through our links and we will receive a small commission, Thanks!



CWU3-Jamie - name

I am a stay-at-home homeschooling mom to 3 wild kiddos. 
Miss Magoo is a bright, imaginative, creative little girl.  As the oldest, she’s a mother hen and oh-so responsible, but she still loves a good laugh.
Little Man, is wild, silly, and partner in all his sister’s crazy ideas. He loves to take apart everything, and can usually be found in the garage tinkering on things with his dad.
Baby Girl is a spit-fire. She has everyone fooled into thinking she’s the sweetest thing ever, and she is… until she doesn’t get her way. 


I love reading, doing crafts, drinking coffee, baking, sewing, and crocheting.  I absolutely love some hot coffee, freshly baked goods, and a good book.

While I love to bake, I hate to cook, so dinners at our house consist of tried but true recipes, easy meals, and pizza!

My husband, Dan, is a wonderful man, and always willing to help with my projects.  He’s a handy guy, an awesome dad, and very kind man.

As a family, we spend time outdoors, hiking, biking, and even just walking around our neighborhood.  When we have a babysitter, Dan and I head up into the mountains to ride dirt bikes.

about jamie pics 

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 CWU3#14 - Kerry - name1 
God brought the Hardworking Husband and I together in 2009 and we married in 2010. In our first few years of marriage, I had the privelege of being a house wife. Now along with being a blogger, I am a Realtor®.   I love to cook, and I cook nearly every dinner from scratch and rarely use a frozen or box meal.  I’m rather analytical and like to use a recipe.  I’m trying to branch out and create my own recipes.  I bake some but not nearly as much as I cook.  I also like photography and gardening.  I’m not a very creative person.  So I’m sure none of the craft posts will come from me. 

lancekerryKerry and the Hardworking Husband

In the summer, I spend most of my time gardening and visiting Yellowstone.  Jamie, Lucy and I live only about 3 hours from Yellowstone.  My husband and I visit several times each year.  We enjoy seeing the beauty of God’s creation.  

Kerry and HHKerry & Hardworking Husband (HH)

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 First off, I hate describing myself! I’m a mother of 4!, wife, Jesus follower living in Idaho.  Sometimes I get a little wordy and ramble (this usually only happens when I write, since I can be a little shy in person); I get really excited about really small things; I also tend to stress or worry about really small, stupid stuff. 

Chris and I
 Lucy & the hubs

I’m also a goofball who loves to laugh, but I also cry really easily.  I tend to be a little (or a lot) sarcastic, and I live in a circus (not a literal one but with 4 under 10 it feels like one). I’m not an expert on ANYTHING, and disasters occur around here often. 

my crewLucy & Crew

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