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Anniversary Trip to Yellowstone

This year the Hardworking Husband and I decided to postpone our anniversary trip to the end of April when Yellowstone National Park opened.  Weekend before last, we headed to the park for the weekend.  The first night we stayed at some friend’s vacation house about 2 hours from the park.  The second night we stayed at our favorite cabins in West Yellowstone (Moose Creek Cabins  and Inn) which is about 2 minutes from the park.  This early in the season, not all of the roads are open in Yellowstone.  This meant we got to spend more time in the areas that were open. HH and I have been to Yellowstone many times, but it’s so big that we never spend much time in any area. We hadn’t been in one area so we got to check that out as well.

Yellowstone Map
The pink highlighted roads are where we traveled.
Photo Credit

Because it is early spring, we got to see animals than we haven’t seen in the past. We always see elk, buffalo, and sandhill cranes and sometimes we see coyotes.  This trip we saw all of those along with 3 bears and 3 wolves.  The yellow dots on the map are where we saw the bears and the green dots are where we saw the wolves.  Most of the natural phenomenon areas where closed due to snow on the roads so we didn’t stop to see any of those, well except Old Faithful.

Elk in Yellowstone
Buffalo in Yellowstone
Grizzly Bear Yellowstone
A little blurry because it was far away as I would like it to be.
Grey Wolf Yellowstone
Very blurry because it was very far away
The scenery was also beautiful.  There was still quite a bit of snow in the park depending on where you were.  The elevation changes drastically through Yellowstone.
Stream in Yellowstone
Snowy Stream Yellowstone

I highly recommend going to Yellowstone if you haven’t been there. And when you go, make sure you stop by the visitor’s center at Old Faithful.  The geyser is awesome to see, the visitor center has so much interactive stuff to help you learn about Yellowstone, they have a kids area, and the park rangers are a wealth of information.   Also I recommend visiting the Yellowstone website and check out their unofficial facebook page before planning your trip.

Old Faithful
Old Faithful
Visitors Center
Old Faithful Visitors Center

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