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Back to School Pics and Blues

My oldest two went back to school like week! Yay!  I love having them all at home for the summer, but by the end of the summer they were ready to go back to school and so was I.

It’s hard for me to believe my oldest is in 3rd grade and here that means a whole new school.  He’s just not old enough to be out of the Elementary School, is he?
He likes his new teachers and school and seems to be really enjoying being back at school.

Kae started Kindergarten and is loving it!  She is such a people person that she comes home everyday talking about all the kids she’s met and the fun she is having.

Back to School Blues

But it hasn’t been all great.  The pictures don’t do justice to just how hard this week has been. Actually maybe they do since I couldn’t even get the kiddos to look and me and smile for the pics.  I forgot to take them the first morning, so I had to take them after school and they weren’t having any of it.
Mornings have been really easy and the part of the day with just the little two hasn’t been that bad either (expect Ry whines a lot and misses Kae) but after school it’s been torture.  They fight, whine, cry and are just extremely grumpy.  ALL OF THEM, both the school kiddos and the non-school kiddos.
We experienced something similar when DP first went to Kindergarten.  He came home grumpy and the girls just wanted to play.  We had to have a decompress time for him where they had to leave him alone and he could rest/relax.  I’ve tried giving that time to the school kiddos but it really hasn’t helped.
I know this will get better; everyone will adjust to the new schedule and things will go back to normal.  But knowing that really doesn’t help when the fighting, whining, crying, etc is driving you crazy.  So I say a prayer (or a thousand) and press on, hoping next week will be better.
So looking forward to the three day weekend and maybe a trip to the zoo!  What are your plans for the weekend?
Anyone else having back to school blues?  I’d love to hear about it.  We LOVE comments; it really does make our day.

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Saturday 7th of September 2013

I only have one daughter but she started Kindergarten this year and I definitely hear where you are coming from! She comes home exhausted and kind of grouchy every day and even after a nap, she is still not herself. Sigh. Praying along with you that things get better for both of our families!