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Updated with New Features! 

We are loving our new blog home and we hope you are enjoying it as well.  Previously, we had posted helpful tips for reading and using our blog on Facebook, but I thought it might be nice to show you all the new features all at once.  Besides it kind of customary to give a tour of your new “home” right?  So sit back and enjoy our blog tour. 


At the Top

 Home & Logo (Yellow Arrows) – If you click on either on these from any page you will be taken back to our main page – the one in the picture.

Search Box (Blue Arrow)  – If you are looking for something in particular this is the spot to go.

Our other pages (Green Arrows) – If you want to know more about Jamie, Kerry, and I or what the blog is all about, click the About Us. Also a great place to find contact info for us.  On the link party page, you will find a list of all the place that we share our blog posts throughout the week.

Our social media buttons (red arrow) – Want to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.  Click the buttons and you will be taken there.  Also if you want to email us click the little envelope button. 

You may have also noticed the scrolling pictures at the top of our home page. These will highlight some of our most popular posts, new posts and other fun things we want to share.  If we have a current giveaway, you will also find a picture for that in the scroller.  All of those pictures are clickable and will take you to the related post. 


Category Boxes

 Under the scrolling pics, you may have noticed the four main category boxes.  These are the things that we blog about most often.  Click on any of the boxes and you will find all the posts about that subject.  This is a great place to browse.


Follow our Blog

 Along side our posts, you may have noticed some goodies in the sidebar.  If you want to sign up to receive our new posts directly in your email inbox, this box (blue arrow)  is where you want to enter your email address.  You will be sent an email confirmation and once you confirm you will get our new posts sent to you.

The bloglovin’ follow button (yellow arrow) is another way to read our posts.  If you aren’t familiar with bloglovin’ it’s a place that puts all the blog posts for all the blogs you follow in one place.  


Sidebar Features

 Also in the sidebar you will see all our recent posts, so you can check out anything you may have missed in the last few days.

If you want to go farther back, check out the archives and it will have every post for whatever month you select. 

The Popular Posts Section (not pictured) will show you the top posts of all time (well at least since we moved).  

Also you will see a categories drop box (not pictured), this is a great place to see all our posts about a certain subject.  If you want to see all our crockpot recipes, scroll down to recipes and then crockpot. 

If you need to do any Amazon shopping, you can click the ad above the archives and off to Amazon you go.  


Recipe Card

 One of the new features of our new blog is recipe cards.  We are very excited about these!  This feature allows you to save or print our recipe easily. If you click the print button the following picture is what you will see. 


Recipe Card Print Options

 You not only can print but you have options when you do.  You can adjust the font size and spacing and choose whether or not you want the picture to print.  I always enjoy having that option, so I don’t have to use all my colored ink. 


Bottom of Each Post

 You may have noticed an awful lot going on at the bottom of each of our posts.  

Pinterest Follow Button(green arrow) – This handy button will open up another window so you can follow us on Pinterest if you want to.

You will also see other posts you may enjoy. (Blue arrow) Click one of the pictures to be taken to that post. 

If you really enjoyed a post and want to share it with a friend or many friends, you can use one of the sharing buttons (red arrow).  These allow you to email the post, share on Facebook or Google+, pin the post to Pinterest, print the entire post or share on Twitter. 

At the bottom of  each post you will also see what categories this post was posted in (Orange arrow).  These are clickable and will show you all the posts in that category.  For instance, if you were to click “Muffins,” you would see all our muffin recipes.  

At the very bottom of each post you will see the previous post and the following post (pink arrows), so you can check those out if you want to. 


Hover Pin It Buttons

On every picture, except our signatures and very small pictures, you will see a “Pin it” button if you hover over the picture with your mouse.  Clicking it will allow you to pin our post to any of your Pinterest boards.  



Finally, at the very button of each post you will see the comment section.  We ABSOLUTELY LOVE comments, so we hope you will take advantage of this section.  We have a new comment system which lets you sign in through Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  You can also register with them (disqus), if you don’t want to sign in with one of the others.

When you signed in your picture should appear next the comment field (if you have one) and you generally won’t have to sign in each time.  We are hoping this comment system will be very user friendly. 

This system also lets us reply directly to comments which we are thrilled about.  We were also able to transfer over all the comments from the old blog, except for those that were added in the last week.  We were thrilled to be able to keep those. 

Updated. New Features:


New Sharing Buttons

We got new sharing buttons!  We now have larger sharing buttons at the bottom and the ones on the left side that scroll with you. (This is the Share This Plugin for anyone interested.) 


Popular/Latest Widget

We found this handy little widget that combines the latest and the most popular posts all in one spot! It also lets you change the options of the popular tab.  You can see the most popular for the day, week, month or all time!  


Thanks for taking a tour of our new blog home with me!! 

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.  Have you had any problem so far? Are you enjoying the new features?



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