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Bumblebee Garden Stake {Kid’s Craft}

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Bumblebee Garden Stake kid's craft is fun and a great way to recycle!

My kids, well my younger three, did this bumblebee garden stake craft at the Preschool Summer Reading Program at our local library and it was so cute that I just had to share it with you.

However I would not recommend it for that young of children, since my children ended up doing very little of the project. I think it would be better for first grade and up.

Kae at the library with her bee. She was being a goofball.

What you need:
– Mustard Bottle, label removed, washed and dried
– Electrical tape
– Googly Eyes
– Glue
– Sharpie
– Plastic canvas, cut into shape of wings
– 2 paper clips bent to form antennas (curling one end looks cute)
– Plant Stake (the one we used was plastic but metal would work too)

Have the child wrap electrical tape around the mustard bottle several times, making the bee’s black stripes. Glue googly eyes on the bottom of the mustard bottle.  Use the sharpie to draw a nose and a mouth.

Side View of Tape Black Stripes

The parent should stick the craft stake all the way through the mustard bottle, leaving a few inches on the top.  Have the kids stick the wings on the stake above the mustard bottle (you may want to start the hole beforehand.) Stick the end of each paper clip into the mustard bottle above the eyes.
And you are done!  Stick it in the ground and you have a cute garden/yard decoration that should hold up outside.

Bumblebee Garden Stake kid's craft is fun and a great way to recycle!
Have you made anything fun with your kids or grandkids lately?
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