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Button & Cupcake Liner Flowers

A simple Mother’s Day craft for kids of all ages to make. These Button & Cupcake Liner Flowers are so easy to make, and so cute!

Button & Cupcake Liner Flowers from Coffee With Us 3 / perfect kiddo craft for Mother's Day #craft #kids
I’ve been looking for a craft that the kids in my Sunday school class could make for Mother’s Day.  I found these straw flowers from Learning 4 Kids on Pinterest. I had the idea of switching out the straw for pipe cleaners since it would be able to poke through the cupcake liners. Also I thought adding a button would be a cute touch.

Button & Cupcake Liner Flowers

What you need:
cupcake liners (2 per flower)
pipe cleaners
How to Make Them:

Flatten one cupcake liner and place another one on top.
Poke a hole with the pipe cleaner through both liners starting with the flattened one.
Pull a inch or two of the pipe cleaner through the hole and use a pencil to curl this part. (see picture above). This will help the button stand out from the liners.
Thread the pipe cleaner through one button hole and then back through another button hole twisting it around the pipe cleaner “stem” to secure.
You may need to adjust the button to center or re-curl it a bit.

My daughter Ry (3) and I made these in about 5 minutes. So I figure the kids in Sunday school will easily be able to make several for their mothers or grandmothers.

I just stuck them in a vase I had on hand but I’m still looking for fun options for the actual vase/holder for when we make them in Sunday School.  If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them. Please leave me a comment.
 Button & Cupcake Liner Flowers from Coffee With Us 3 / perfect kiddo craft for Mother's Day #craft #kids
Notice the cute gift tag?
It will be in Saturday’s post!


What is your favorite thing your kids have made you? or What is your favorite thing you ever made your mom for mother’s day?

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Lucy T

Saturday 4th of May 2013

It's that great that is has very little effort and yet looks cute. I love crafts for Sunday School that they can do all by themselves and yet are cute. My daughter Ry did need a bit more help but she is younger than the kids in my class. Thank you all for your kind words.