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Christmas Placemats *free printable*

Print out these Christmas Placemats to give the kids a fun activity to color and decorate.  This Christmas Placemat printable is free. I’ve found that around Christmastime, my kids get extra wound up.  It’s such an exciting time that they just can’t seem to not be excited and high energy.  To help with this, my …

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Celebrating Christmas in England and Cranberry Trifle

Cranberry Trifle is one version of a Christmas trifle. It has great balance in flavor with the tart cranberries and the sweet custard.  Jamie, Lucy and I all have ancestors from England. In researching how Christmas is celebrated, I discovered it is much like how we celebrate Christmas in the U.S. There are a few …

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Stones Rolled Away – Easter Candy

Stones Rolled Away are a fun Easter themed candy!  Making them will be a tradition you’ll enjoy year after year! When it comes to Easter, we think it’s a pretty important holiday. While we absolutely love Christmas and all the fun traditions, Christmas would just be the birth of a baby boy, without the future …

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