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How to Throw a Unicorn Party

What girl wouldn’t love a Unicorn Party?  Unicorns are all things beautiful, mythical, and colorful.  A Unicorn Party can be just as beautiful, mythical and colorful, when you have colorful and fun food, along with adorable crafts and fun activities! I recently threw a Unicorn Party for my daughter’s 12th birthday.  We had cake with …

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Unicorn Cups

Unicorn Cups are made with a homemade (gelatin-free) no-bake strawberry cheesecake.  They’re decadent and delicious, but surprisingly easy to make! For Miss Magoo’s 12th birthday, we had a friend party.  We normally don’t do friend parties, because the majority of my kids’ friends have been their cousins, so they’re already at the family party.  This …

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How to Incorporate Plants In Your Home Decor

Find out how to incorporate plants in your home decor. If you love gardening, using flowers and plants in your home decor will feel like a natural progression. Plants come in such a wide variety of colors and shapes that your options are wide open. Of course, you can always go with a potted plant …

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