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Choosing The Perfect Bathtub

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Choosing The Perfect Bathtub– A Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub Could Serve You Better

Choosing the perfect bathtub

With so many bathtub choices, coming across the perfect bathtub can be a bit difficult. Before, you search for the bathtub, you need to determine the dimensions of your tub, since it’s really troublesome should you buy a bathtub that is too big for your bathroom.

Finding out the size of the bathroom will be the important starting point of buying a bathtub. Circular tubs are invariably a bold statement to make in a bathroom. However, a freestanding bathtub is especially exclusive and stands out even more among various other circular tubs.

Choosing the perfect bathtub

Bathtubs are made from different materials. For example: marble, porcelain, wood, fiberglass, enameled cast iron and acrylic. A fiberglass bathtub costs less, but it’s not durable enough for me. Another common tub material is the enameled cast iron, which is not expensive. Compared with the fiberglass bathtub, the enameled cast iron tub is more durable and easier to clean. However, this one will be quite heavy.

The marble tub is quite expensive, but it could make your bathroom look luxurious. However, the choice of material depends on your lifestyle. How often do you take a warm bath? What kind of bathtub do you prefer? Do you prefer the comfortable one or the one that is easy to clean?

What You Should Consider When Buying Modern Bathtubs

I did not know there were so many types of bathtubs to choose from until I bought my own place and had to carry out some major renovation work before I could move in. After agreeing with my interior designer to go with a modern contemporary design, it was finally time to begin choosing fixtures for my little abode.

My little outing exposed me to quite the surprises about modern soaker bathtubs. Well, they were surprises to me, at least. These surprises played a big part in my decision-making process.

Bathtub Colors

Since I now knew that modern freestanding tubs are available in other colors besides white, I was all out to get one that was not white in color. I decided on a dark blue finish that would match my bathroom sink and toilet, and contrast well against my light blue floor tiles.

Bathtub Material

I remember my grandparents having a cast iron bathtub at their house. I did not quite like the look of it and neither did I like the cold feel of the metal. However, as I found out, they are just about the most expensive type of bathtub in the market. They are practically indestructible and can handle abrasive cleaners without much of a fuss.

Choosing the perfect bathtub

In the end, I decided to go with a freestanding acrylic bathtub, since stand-alone tubs are lightweight, affordable and relatively easy to clean. They are also resistant to cracking and chipping, which is more than I can say for marble and ceramic tile tubs.


Acrylic bathtubs are popular because they are relatively cheap, durable and lightweight. This makes them an almost automatic choice for homeowners who want to install a tub on the upper floor of their homes.

This type of bathtub comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most of them are designed to have a more modern feel, although some, like the acrylic claw-foot tubs, have a slightly classic feel.

Acrylic bathtubs look good since they come with a glossy finish and are now available in a few colors other than white. In face, some models are fully transparent while others are even illuminated. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it will surely add some color and lighting to a bathroom.

Although acrylic tubs were designed to resist stains, they will eventually get stained. But fret not, all is not lost. Here are a few tips on how to prevent stains and also remove them safely without damaging your beautiful bathtub.

Choosing the perfect bathtub

Preventing Stains

I don’t like cleaning tubs no matter how easy it is to do it nowadays. But it is something that has to be done. I usually preach cleaning an acrylic bathtub often enough to prevent the occurrence of stains. All it takes is a bit of discipline and 5 minutes of your time every 3 or 4 days. Certainly, that is not too much to ask.

If you clean your acrylic bathtub often, you do not have to scrub too hard to get the build up out, and therefore the risk of damaging your soaking tub is lower.

What You Will Need

Pay careful attention to not use abrasive materials or strong cleaning solutions on acrylic bathtubs, or you might end up scratching or pitting them. You don’t need strong cleaning solutions to get the job done.

Surprisingly, all you need is your everyday dish washing liquid or gel. However, if you prefer to use a solution specifically meant for baths, make sure you get those which specially state that they are meant for use with acrylic surfaces. You will also need a bottle of acetone-free glass cleaner.

You might be tempted to use abrasive brushes if you see stubborn looking stains but please refrain from doing that. Just stick to using soft cotton, or my favorite: microfiber cloth.

Cleaning Your Freestanding Acrylic Tubs

The first thing you need to do is rinse the tub with some warm water. Then add some washing liquid to your cloth and using concentric circles, start cleaning the bathtub from the top down. Rinse the tub, dry it and spray some acetone-free glass cleaner on the surface. Give your tub a good wipe immediately, and you should see the surface of your acrylic tub or stand alone tubs return to its shiny glory.

Choosing the perfect bathtub


Saturday 7th of January 2017

If only I had room for a tub like that in my tiny bathroom!!! One day, and it will be big and beautiful and I'll soak in it for hours!!

Jamie H

Wednesday 11th of January 2017

Tiny bathrooms can be tough! I hope you get the bathroom of your dreams!