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8 Cleaning Tricks for Moms {Mommy Hacks}

Cleaning Tricks for Moms

Cleaning Hacks for Moms of disaster prone kids

All of my kids, except for my oldest, have gone through a disaster phase.  Not real disasters, but kid disasters.  Like spraying the TV with a squirt gun, or unloading half the fridge, or pouring a whole box of cereal on the floor; you know kid disasters. 

And last Wednesday, my 2 year old did his biggest disaster yet, (this is what I was referring to on our Facebook page). While I was in the restroom, he pushed a chair up to the counter, got the food color down and squirted it all other the kitchen!! My regular kitchen cleaner couldn’t come close to getting the red and blue stain spots off the floor.  Luckily, I remembered something my mom taught me and didn’t have to spend a bunch of money trying to save my floor. 

8 Cleaning Tricks for Moms

1.Food Dye stains.  Use Baking Soda. 
Spill Koolaid mix, jello, or your son throw food coloring everywhere?  Spray your counter top, linoleum or other surface with water and sprinkle with baking soda.  Let sit for a few minutes and then scrub in circular motion.  If this is on your floor, you will want to mop it afterwards see #2. 

2. Super Sticky Floors. Use Vinegar & Dawn.
Mix 1/2 c. vinegar, couple squeezes of Dawn, and a half sink of warm water and mop your floors.  Repeat if necessary. 

3. Marker on the carpet. Use Hairspray.
Spray really well, and rub with a rag.

4. Ink in your dryer. Use nail polish remover.
Pour polish remover on wash cloth and wipe dryer. 

5. Sharpie on the floors, chairs, etc.  Use a dry erase marker.
Mark over the sharpie marks with a same color dry erase marker and wipe off. 

6. When water is not your friend.  Try Rice or time or both.
Kid drop your phone in water?  Place your phone in rice and let sit until the rice absorbs all the water.  
If your TV gets sprayed with water, dry with towels as much as possible.  Unplug TV and let sit until completely dry. 

7.  Pen marks on your LCD screen? Try rubbing alcohol and water.
Mix one part rubbing alcohol and one part water and put in spray bottle.  Spray on microfiber cloth and rub gently. Source

8. Makeup disaster.  Try Baby Wipes. 
Baby Wipes remove makeup from a lot of things.  

Well all else fails try baby wipes or a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  These have saved me a bunch of times!! 

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit how many of these I know from personal experiences. But sadly, I have used almost all of these over the last few years!  

Got any tips or tricks you’ve used to add to the list?  Leave me a comment.  Who knows, I may need to use your trick soon!


This post is a part of our Outside the Box Mondays where we explore new ways to save money by making/doing things ourselves. Be sure to check out the rest. 


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Monday 10th of February 2014

I'll be referring back to this for sure! I need to do a huge deep clean of the house over the months ahead because we've accumulated a lot of marks and stains. Thanks for all the helpful hints!


Tuesday 11th of February 2014

I need to do a deep clean of my house too. Hope these are helpful to you!!

Kimberly @ A Time to Freeze

Monday 10th of February 2014

Great tips! With three ages 3 and under this will really come in handy!


Tuesday 11th of February 2014

I'm sure they will! The little ones are sure cute but man can they make a mess when they want to.