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Container Gardening

I have had a change of plans this year.  My original plan was to plan a garden just like I did last year with a few modifications.  Then I learned we were going to buy a house and move.  So my plan B was to buy a house, be in by May 1 and plant a garden there.  Well that didn’t happen.  The plan for the house now is to be moving in August. So that means I don’t get to plant a garden at either place.  So I’m going to have to go back to container gardening.  I have done this in the past when we lived in an apartment.  Thankfully I still have some of the containers.

About a month ago, my mom and I went to the fuchsia event at Fred Meyer.  They will fill your pots with soil and plant the plants you have purchased from them.  My mom and I shared a 6 pack of mini tomato plants and I got some marigolds to keep the bugs off my tomatoes.  I also got lettuce and basil and put those in a planter that fits on the rail of the deck.

Then this last weekend I picked up 3 tomato plants from the farmer’s market.  A friend sells tomatoes every year and we get tomatoes from him every year.  Sunday, I planted the tomatoes in 5 gallon buckets.  I had the Hardworking Husband drill holes in the bottom so they can drain.

I will be gone for about 2 and half weeks. When I get back I will plant zucchini and squash in large round rubber feed pans.  I bought these while we were in the apartment.  The HH drilled holes in the bottom of these for me also.  I’m sure a pepper plant will end up in one of these also.

I guess the container garden will keep me from going overboard this year.  But I’m hoping to have enough space next year to plant a huge garden.  I want to be able to sell some of my produce.  This year I’m selling raspberry and strawberry plants at the farmers market.

Were you able to plant your garden like you wanted?  Or did a move change your plans?  Or maybe you couldn’t get out as much as you wanted because of allergies?  Mine were so horrible this year.

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Kerry C

Tuesday 28th of May 2013

Jean, maybe you'll be out this way when Lucy's here. You'll get to see us both!


Tuesday 28th of May 2013

Too many darn ole dear around here. It's expensive to keep them out. I have planted a few herbs on the back deck . Always seems like we are gone half the summer so vegetable gardening is out. As a matter of fact we will be out your way sometime in July. Don't be surprised if we come riding up on our motorcycle and call the cops on us!! If we do meet this summer, I expect some fresh vegggies out of your container garden!