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30 Amazing Corn Recipes

Looking to use up some of the corn from your garden? Or just love corn? Try out these 30 amazing corn recipes!


Ah, Summer!! We’ve been having a great summer so far.  The kids have been playing in the pool, & we’ve been picnicking in the park and enjoying being outdoors and having no set schedule.  

But that’s not the only thing, I love about summer.  I also love the food.  I love fresh watermelon, others fruit and I love fresh corn on the cob!! We used to always plant a bunch of corn in our garden and it never seemed to turn out that well.  Luckily we could get corn pretty cheap at the store or the farmer’s market. 

So if you’re luckier than me and your planted corn produces a whole bunch, here’s some great recipes to use up your corn from the garden (or the farmer’s market!).

30 Amazing Corn Recipes

This is part of our Harvest Roundup Series. Be sure to check out all the delicious recipes for using your garden produce.

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