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Easy Fall Nature Craft for Kids

If you’ve been around our website before you know that we only do easy or fairly easy kids crafts.  We just don’t believe in sharing “kids crafts” that a kid hasn’t actually done or could actually do.  You won’t find those fancy kids crafts here that you can’t replicate no matter how hard you try.  So when I say this is easy, I mean it!!  But it was fun and entertained my younger two children for quite awhile.   In fact, it took up the entire time the older two were at piano lessons.  

Fall Nature Craft


Easy Fall Nature Craft for Kids

What you need:

– construction paper

– fall leaves, seeds, any other nature items you can find

– Elmer’s white glue

How we did it:

First we went out and collected a bunch of leaves and other nature items.  I gave each child their own bag and let them collect a bunch of stuff.  We looked for leaves in multiple colors and had a fun time exploring the different things we could find. 

Next, we took a piece of construction for each child.  I spelled out the word “fall” in glue.  Though after doing it, I suggest only putting one letter at a time in glue.  Otherwise, it might just end up in hair!!  I asked my children to only use type of nature item for the letters.  We used seeds from a tree.  But you could use one certain color of leaves or let them do it however, they want.  But I choose to have them do it this way, so we could sort and talk about the differences in the nature idea.  I love sneaking in learning while we do crafts!  

Finally I have them decorate around the words with more leaves.  They choose to make a border.  

fall craft how to

Have you made any fun crafts with your kids this fall?

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Fall Nature Craft


Thursday 16th of October 2014

Easy crafts are the best! These look fun!