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10 Easy Ways to Liven up Green Salad

Easy ways to liven up green salad - don't settle for boring salad!

May is National Salad month.  Did you know that?  I sure didn’t until a couple days ago.  But it makes sense.  It’s starting to get warmer and you don’t want to cook big heavy meals and swimsuit season is just around the corner.  Hence, you may be eating a lot of salad.  And probably a lot of green salads. 

I don’t know if it’s just me but after about a salad or two, I’m tired of salad.  Let’s be honest lettuce isn’t the most flavorful food and it’s kind of boring.  So I have to trick myself into eating more salad.  Likewise the kids and the husband don’t really enjoy eating salad all the time. But I’ve found with a little creativity with topping, dressing, etc; We’re much more willing to eat salad.  

10 Easy Ways to Liven Up Green Salad

  1.  Add fruit – I love adding in fruit on occasion to my salads.  Berries are my favorite like I did in my Berry Salad. But grapes, pineapple, and oranges are great options too. 
  2. Make it a Taco Salad – Are you having salad as a main dish?  Add some beans, corn, salsa, and taco meat and you have a taco salad.  There is a great chicken taco salad in the 25 Healthy Meals Collection
  3. Change up the Dressing –  I used to be an only ranch girl but now I’m discovered that I like so many different dressings!  Like the raspberry vinaigrette I used in my berry salad.  Right now, I am loving Virginia Brand Vidalia Onion Vinegarette (affiliate link).  Explore dressing, it can total change up your salad. 
  4. Make it an Oriental Salad – Again a great option for a main dish.  Add some Teriyaki chicken and some Chow Mein Noodles (or as my kids call them crunchy noodles) and you have a great and easy dinner. 
  5. Add some crunch – As mention above chow mein noodles are great for this but nuts are great too like I did with pecans in my craisins green salad.  Seeds are also great for crunch.
  6. Change up the cheese or other flavors depending on your meal – Serving the salad on the side?  I like to choose cheese that match the main dish.  For example: Parmesan cheese and Italian dressing when we’re having Italian food. 
  7. Use different kinds of lettuce – You don’t have to stick with Iceburg!  In fact that’s my least favorite.  Try Romaine or Spinach or leaf lettuce.  There is so many different choices that can change up your salad. 
  8. Salad Bar – I very rarely put the salad all together, unless I’m making it just for me or to take somewhere.  More often I put the lettuce in one bowl and all the other ingredients separate so I don’t have to hear “I don’t like that!”  Also it seems to keep the leftovers fresher when they aren’t mixed together. 
  9. Add meat – I’ve mentioned adding meat above but even adding a little bit of ham or turkey can be a way to add protein and flavor to your salad. 
  10. Add different kinds of veggies – You will often find carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers in salad but you don’t have to limit yourself to that.  Add peppers, summer squash, broccoli, or whatever other veggies you like.  It will add more flavor and crunch!

 Curious to see what some of these salads I’ve mentioned look like?

Craisins Green Salad
Craisins Green Salad - Fruit and Crunch even in winter!

Berry Salad
Berry Salad

Still looking for more salad ideas?  

What’s your favorite way to eat salad?



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Pinning to my Summer Salads board! This goes great with my Summer Salad Series on the blog! Wonderful tips too! Thanks for sharing.