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Faith-filled Easter Ideas

Fun ways to keep Jesus at the center of your Easter celebration.

9 Faith-filled Christian Easter Ideas to help you and your family remember what Easter is all about!

I’ve talked before about how Easter is a big deal in my family.  As the kids are getting older, we’re able to do more things with them to remind them (and us) of the real meaning of Easter.  We take the time to remember the sacrifice our Savior made when he chose to take on the cross and the sin of mankind, and to die for us.  What an incredible sacrifice he made!

I figured there are probably other parents out there who want to make Easter more meaningful, so I put together these ideas to help you out.

Hosanna free Easter printable 1

You can start out by decorating your home in a way that conveys a Christ-filled Easter.  These Hosanna printables from Mostly Homemade Mom are an easy way to decorate.  Just print them out and hang them, or slip them in a frame, and you’re set!

Easter Risen Printable

Use these printable coloring pages to spend time reflecting on Jesus.  And once they’re colored, they’d make great place mats for Easter dinner!

Easter Bingo

Here’s another fun printable– Easter bingo!  A great game for the whole family, and helpful in getting everyone excited about the holiday.  Plus, it contains lots of references to the true meaning of Easter.


While you’ve got your printer on, you’ll also want to print out this Count-down to Easter (click the link to get to a downloadable pdf).  It has a scripture passage for each day leading up to Easter that will help get everyone’s hearts focused on Jesus.


Another really fun idea for counting down the days until Easter is this Advent tree from A House Full of Sunshine!  I love it, and I’m definitely implementing it, even though I don’t have quite 2 weeks to count down.  I’ll just do the remaining days, and it will be added to the traditions for next year.


Lucy and Kerry’s mom was my Sunday School teacher when I was a kid.  One fun thing she did with us was Resurrection Eggs.  These made our Easter egg hunts much more meaningful, as each egg is filled with some symbol to help tell the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection.  Find out how to make your own Resurrection Eggs from My Mommy World.

Resurrection Rolls Main

Christ’s death on the cross would mean nothing to us, if it hadn’t been for His resurrection. So we try to make sure the kids understand that His resurrection proved that He wasn’t just a man dying, but that He was the Son of God.  One fun way to enjoy learning about the resurrection is with tasty Resurrection Rolls, like these ones we shared a few years ago.  The kids are excited every time we make these to find out that the “tomb” is empty!


Another fun activity to remind us of the resurrection is making an Empty Tomb Garden.  This one from Mission to Save looks simple, which always makes me happy.


The Jenny Evolution put together a great list of books for kids to read together in the weeks leading up to Easter.

How are you preparing the hearts of your family and  yourself for Easter?  I would love to know what traditions you do!

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9 Faith-filled Christian Easter Ideas to help you and your family remember what Easter is all about!