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Favorite Fall Diffuser Blends

Fall Diffuser Blends that will make your house smell amazing, without the toxins candles bring! 


It’s that time of year, when everyone is excited about Pumpkin Spice Lattes, fall colors, and cooler weather (or at least for some). If you love pumpkin spice, we’ve got a recipe to make your own Pumpkin Spice that includes recipes to make using pumpkin spice.

I planned out the menu for the month and am excited to have soup in there.  If you love soup, too, we’ve put together the ultimate soup collection, with 75 soup recipes!

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It’s nice to have fall scents to go with all the other fall things. Since I don’t do artificial scents, I run an essential oil diffuser instead.  This is the diffuser I use.  I found some fall diffuser blends using essential oils. My house smells amazing!  I wanted to share with you some of my favorite fall diffuser blends.


I love Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil. So I included it in a couple of these blends. And Cinnamon is such a wonderful fall and winter scent.  Not only will these oil blend make your home smell amazing, they will support your immune system and have therapeutic benefits.


Night by the Fire is that wonderful scent of sitting out by the fire roasting marshmallows and enjoying the fall cooler weather.


Flannel Shirt is a comfortable warm scent. It’s like comfort food but in an oil blend. Take off the stress of the day and relax with your most comfy flannel shirt.


I’m not a lover of pumpkin spiced lattes, but I love Spiced Chai. This blend gives you that wonderful spice scent that you taste in a Spiced Chai.


Apple Cider is one of my favorite things during the fall. Not only does it taste amazing, it smells amazing as well. This blend will give you that fantastic familiar scent.


Walk through the Forest without leaving the house. This blend gives you the heavenly scent of being in the forest up in the mountains.

I hope you enjoy all these amazing fall diffuser blends.

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