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Homeschooling: Old Town Site & Fall Leaves Field Trips

One of the reasons we decided to homeschool is because we love that we can do school differently. Learning doesn’t have to consist simply of desk work, like in a traditional education.

Since we started homeschooling, we’ve done our fair share of desk work, but also done some fun “field trips.”


For one of our field trips, we visited an old town site that is usually under a reservoir, but due to very low water we were able to walk around on the old sidewalks, climb on foundations, and even look inside an old grain silo.


It is an interesting site, due to the fact that when they decided to build the reservoir, the entire town had to be moved.  The sidewalks are still there in certain places, along with a perfectly straight line of tree stumps that used to line the street.  old-town-site2


To learn more about the Old American Falls town site, check it out here.

We had fun guessing what the buildings might have been, talking about the people who used to live in the houses, and identifying some fun objects, such as an old file, pieces of broken china, and an old truck frame. And of course, the kids had fun playing in the dirt!

fall2We took another field trip up to one of our favorite hiking spots to see the leaves turning colors and gather some of the leaves for future crafts.  I look forward to when the kids understand more about why the leaves are turning colors. But for now, it’s still fun to see how much fun they have hiking and looking for the perfect leaf!


As far as desk work goes, Miss Magoo is doing great! By following Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons Miss Magoo is already sounding out words and reading short sentences! I’m really quite amazed.



And really, who wouldn’t want to be able to do their desk work in such an awesome outfit?

Do you do field trips with your homeschooled kids? What’s your favorite field trip you’ve taken so far? And what do you think is your child’s favorite?

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Stephanie in Kansas

Wednesday 23rd of October 2013

Love the photos of the uncovered old town. What a cool adventure!

Jamie H

Wednesday 23rd of October 2013

Thanks Stephanie! I remember the water was low once when I was maybe 8, and we went there- it was so cool! Obviously my kids are a bit young to remember this well, but it happens so rarely I couldn't pass up the opportunity!

Missy Priebe

Saturday 19th of October 2013

Thanks for sharing about your field trip, Jamie! I'm working on a blog post about our most recent field trip too :) We went camping at Cypress Hills, with lots of hiking, exploring and a great nature center! I love seeing what other homeschoolers are doing! I found your post at Share it Saturday.


Shauna Smart

Monday 14th of October 2013

We would love to homeschool our kids but I just don't know if I'm the right type of mom to do it :) I've got a couple of years to decide thank goodness! Loved this post about your field trip! That would be so much fun to teach my kids! Loved your photo's too!

Shauna @ The Best Blog Recipes

Jamie H

Thursday 17th of October 2013

Shauna, I understand what you're saying completely. Sometimes I'm not sure how well I will do, either!


Monday 14th of October 2013

Great pictures of your field trip. I like the one that is the road that is broken and covered with water. Would be interesting to see what it looked like when it was an actual town.

Jamie H

Thursday 17th of October 2013

It would, wouldn't it, Jenny? There are some pictures, but this town was moved around 100 years ago (using wagons and horses for a lot of the moving), so the documentation isn't great. It's still pretty fascinating, though!

Kimberly Job

Monday 14th of October 2013

The expressions on your kids faces are evidence that what you are doing is working! So fun to visit all these exciting places together. The memories you're creating are priceless!

Jamie H

Thursday 17th of October 2013

Thank you so much, Kimberly!