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Garden Update

A quick Garden Update. Things are coming along nicely. I have a few plants up and that makes me happy.

Garden Update

I wanted to give you a Garden Update. I am continuing to prepare for planting my garden. I have gotten all my seeds started.  I had all but 4 things started a couple weeks ago. The two types of winter squash and the pumpkins needed to be started a little later and in pots I could plant in the ground. I also need to start red cabbage. I forgot to pick up red cabbage seeds while in Denver. My wonderful friends Colorado BFF and her husband picked up some for me and mailed them.  I got them last week.  So they will be a little behind the other cabbage that is already up. 

So here is what I have started:


          Black Krim
          Cherokee Purple
          San Marzano



Sugar Baby Watermelon

Sugar Pie Pumpkins

Butternut Squash

Acorn Squash

All my seeds come from Botanical Interests.  They have a special going on right now that you get free shipping for orders of $40 or more. 


This week I will be laying out the rows, the irrigation system and plastic to control the weeds.  I will also be planting the peas and broccoli.  You can see the full plan for the garden in my post Gardening Time Again.

It’s hard to believe it’s already time to get seeds in the ground. I was behind the ball last year and I don’t want that to happen again this year. 

I also will be planting grass soon. As I’ve mentioned before I killed all the grass in our backyard. I had a good friend who owns a sod farm come over and give me some advice. He said kill it all and replant.  So that’s what I’m doing. I will pick up seed this week.  We just need to kill a couple spots that have started growing again.  I can’t wait to have beautiful grass. But we got snow Tuesday and Wednesday, so we will have to wait until that is going to put us back on killing those spots.

I’m also starting a pallet garden project that I will share with you soon.  To make room for everything else in the garden, I am moving the lettuce and herbs to pallets. This will also put them closer to the back door and more convenient to get for a meal.

What are you planting this year? 


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 Garden Update


Thursday 16th of April 2015

Looks like youre off to a great start! I'm so behind I haven't even started my seeds yet! I did some pallet gardens last year for my lettuce and they worked wonderfully, you'll love them!

Kerry C

Monday 20th of April 2015

Thanks Krista. I was so behind last year. I hope my pallet garden does as great for me as it did for you.