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Get More Done & Giveaway

Levana is dedicated to baby safety. This Ovia 2 Camera Video Monitor will allow you to get more done while knowing your baby is safe.

Levana Ovia 2 Camera Video Monitor

Lucy, Jamie and I tend to stay pretty busy. Lucy is a pastor’s wife, a mom of 4, homeschools, and keeps Jamie and I in line with blogging. Jamie is a mom of 3, homeschools, is part of the leadership of our local MOPS and is part of Classical Conversations.

I recently sat down to make a list of all I do. It has gotten out of control. I decided I needed a focus for all this stuff and quit whatever didn’t fit in. So far I’ve quit one of my volunteer positions. I’m not sure anything else can go at this point.

One of the big time consuming things I do is watching Little Thing. I cannot and will not quit this. But I needed to find a way to get more done with her here.

I also work for a Realtor and all of that is done online from home. Sometimes it’s hard to do that work with Little Thing here. She’s at the age that she is into everything. I have to keep an eye on her at all times. She’s pretty good about playing on her own, but her room is shared with other things. And not all those things are for her to play with. I’ve been teaching her that some things are not hers and she’s to leave them alone. But being the toddler she is, she still gets into things.Levana Ovia 2 Camera Video MonitorRecently, we added the Levana Ovia 2 Camera Video Monitor to Little Thing’s room. It allows me to get more work done while she is playing because I know she is safe. It came with two cameras. Using the 4.3 LCD screen, I can move the cameras around to see what she is doing.

Today, she pulled open a dresser drawer that has The Hardworking Husband’s clothes in it. Using the LCD screen, I pushed the microphone button and told her to put it back. I love that I can talk to her through it and that I can hear her.

Other features of the system that I really like are taking pictures and video. If she’s doing something cute, I can push a few buttons and start recording her. The screen has a micro SD card and I can download those videos to my computer to share with her mom.

There are also lullabies on it that I can play for her as she going to sleep. The range of motion and zoom on the cameras are fantastic. It allows me to see the entire room. And it is expandable up to 4 cameras. This way if we have more kids in the house, I can put cameras in other rooms.

One other thing I love about the Levana Ovia is that they are secure. I’ve heard stories of cameras being hacked into and strangers watching your children. This freaks me out a whole lot. Levana has developed a system to make the cameras secure. It is called ClearVu technology. I’m so glad I never have to worry about that. Levana’s priority is baby safety.

Another way they have paid attention to safety is that the cameras and monitor are digital and cordless. So you never have to worry about your baby being strangled in a cord.

Levana Ovia 2 Camera Video Monitor

While she is playing, I’m always close by working. But while she is sleeping the Ovia 2 Camera Video Monitor allows me to work in our office in the basement or do housework down there without worry about her. I can see and hear her.

The cameras have automatic night vision. As soon as the light level is dark enough, it switches. It has invisible LED lights that make the night vision work. There are no lights to bother her. I look forward to being able to work in the yard and garden next summer while she sleeps. I won’t worry about not hearing her from the garden.

I placed them on the dressers in her room. This gives me almost a 360 degree view of her room.

Levana Ovia 2 Camera Video Monitor

I can get more done knowing she’s safe, so much more! I have been very impressed with the technology in this system. Levana is the first to the market with a hi-res 4.3″ LED screen and the robust battery life that lasts several days. And I love that Levana only makes baby monitors. It allows them to focus on getting it right.

Because we love the Levana Ovia 2 Camera Video Monitor so much, we want to give one away to one of our fabulous readers! If you can’t wait, or you don’t trust your luck, you can click the button below and buy one for yourself!


What can you do more of while you know your baby is safe?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.