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Give Others Some Grace {Christmas Sharing Time}

Today is day number two of Christmas Sharing Time.  I hope you got to read day number 1 but if you didn’t head on over and read about giving yourself some grace.  

Give Others Some Grace {Christmas Sharing Time}

Have you ever noticed that Christmas time can bring out the grinch in some people.  You go to the store and the cashier looks like she wants to be anywhere but there!  The other shoppers are pushy and rude.  Your neighbor doesn’t smile when you wish them a Merry Christmas and all then there is all the griping on social media, about small details that barely matter.  

Today, I want to remind you that Christmas can be a very hard time for people.  If they lost someone any time in the last year (or even two or three years), Christmas will be a glaring reminder of that fact!  If they’ve gone through divorce or any trying situation, Christmas can make things so much harder.  There are so many other reasons that Christmas can be a very hard time.  Just reminder it’s hard at times.

And then there are those that are trying to get everything done, trying to make everything perfect and are wearing themselves out.  Sometimes this makes them not so sweet to be around and honestly you might just be checking them on a bad day.  We all have them right?

So as you go through the next few days, I challenge you to meet EVERYONE will a little extra kindness and grace.  You never know their circumstances and they might just need a little Christmas cheer from you to lift their spirits.  

What if they don’t deserve it?  Who cares!! 

                 Give grace to others this Christmas even if they don’t deserve it.  Grace, after all, is undeserved.   <—-Tweet this

You may know all their circumstances and know they have no reason to be a grinch, oh well, give them kindness.  You may know that all their problems were brought on themselves.  Oh well. Give them grace.  

We were given grace thousands of years ago, when God sent Jesus. We didn’t deserve it.  In fact, we deserved the opposite.  

Your turn. What do you think?

Do you think others need more grace, kindness and compassion this time of year?  Do you think you can meet the challenge of giving everyone grace?  And don’t worry if you fail, that is the time to give yourself a little grace. 


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Friday 20th of December 2013

Thank you for the reminder to be graceful!


Friday 20th of December 2013

So glad you liked it. And an wonderful motto to have at Christmas. Thanks for coming by and commenting.