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Give Thanks with Printable

I should have written this post two weeks ago when the thoughts were first swirling around my head.  I could have probably sat down and written a post about Thanksgiving in a matter of minutes.  But fast forward a couple weeks and I’m not at all sure of the words to use or what exactly I want to say.  Nothing significant has happened in my life the last two weeks.  Nothing has changed at all except for my feeling.  I’m not feeling very grateful anymore.  

Give Thanks to…

Two weeks ago, we had just made our Thankful Jars and we doing well at naming things we were thankful for.  I was planning my Thanksgiving placemats and choosing the verse to put on the printable and I wanted to give thanks to the Lord for all he had done. I was studying Creation and was amazed and in awe of all God had made.  I mean seriously colors?! and flavors?!  How cool are they?!

Even a week ago, when I was working on a graphic for Thanksgiving and my son offered to help me, I was feeling extremely grateful and blessed.  His willingness to help and his face when he asked if I would put his picture on my blog. Ah! that sweet boy! And it was so easy to give thanks.  But now, not so much.  I’m just not feeling the Thanksgiving spirit.  {This post isn’t really about feeling or emotions, so if you’re starting to get tired of me mentioning them, bear with me!}


The picture my son made for me!

Why did things change?  Why am I suddenly not feeling very thankful?  I’m not really sure.  I could come up with some circumstances to blame but I really don’t think it has anything to do with them.  I tell my husband often, “I’m a girl, I don’t have to have a reason to feel the way I do.” {I know! I know! I promised this wasn’t about feeling!}  But really the circumstances don’t matter, the feeling don’t matter and they should not interrupt my ability to give thanks!

Why?  Because as the verse I used for my printable said, “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good!”  It doesn’t say anything about my circumstances or my feeling but it does have a lot to say about my God.  The entire verse says, “Give thank to the LORD, for He is good! His love endures forever” (Psalm 107:1).  Woo Boy, now that is some good stuff!  Not only is my God always good but his love endures forever or as the New Living says, “his faithful love endures forever.”  I have the faithful love of a good God, does it get any cooler than that?

give thanks picture

I’m a Printable! Click Picture or “Print Give Thanks Printable” to print. (Prints 8 x 10. No Watermark on Printable Version)

Gratitude without Giving Thanks

I think sometimes, especially in November, it’s easy to slip into the attitude of gratitude without really thanking anyone in particular.  Our hearts swell with gratitude.  We are blessed!   We’ve got good stuff. Our bellies are full at Thanksgiving and we recognize and our grateful.  

We are thankful or grateful for our houses, our family, our coffee, our whatever but do we take the actual time to thank the one who gave it to us?  When you get a present, how do you respond?  Are you just glad for it or do you say thank you to the giver.  We should praise our God the giver of good gifts.

good gift picture

I’m a printable too! Click the picture or “Print Good Gifts Printable” to print. 
(Prints 8 x 10. No Watermark on Printable Version)

If God is the giver of good gifts, then he deserves our praise, our thanksgiving for every good thing we have.  From the flavors in our food, to the beautiful fall colors, to our precious children, God deserves the praise for it all.  


But even when things aren’t good, we can still give thanks.  Life stinks some times.  I mean really stinks!  Circumstances are horrible.  We lose people we love, we lose jobs, or struggle just to make it through the day but still we can thank the God who loved us enough to send his son.  Because of him we can have eternal life and the pain of this life is just temporary.  

This is one of the reasons, I love Thanksgiving.  It is a great lead up to Christmas and Advent, the ultimate reminder of what God has done for us! So as we approached Thanksgiving, I want to encourage you to take time to give thanks to God not just feel gratitude but to take the time to praise a good God who gives you his love and his son.


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Wednesday 12th of November 2014

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Kristal Strong

Wednesday 27th of November 2013

I found you through the link up at Serving Joyfully. Great reminder!! Thanks for sharing.


Monday 25th of November 2013



Saturday 23rd of November 2013

Thank you Lucy. You're a good and thoughtful teacher. I've recently come to understand, "the sacrifice of praise." This is a good example and explanation.


Saturday 23rd of November 2013

Thank you so much Jan for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoy the post since it was a Facebook status of yours that got me started thinking about this whole thing!

Kim Osburn

Saturday 23rd of November 2013

Such beautiful printables. Thanks for sharing pinning and posting <3 Kim


Saturday 23rd of November 2013

Thanks Kim! I appreciate the pinning too!