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He Made A Farm

While Lucy was here, her husband watched the kids so our mom, Lucy and I could get mani’s and pedi’s. That night Kae spent the night with us. I asked her what she did with her dad. She said they watched a movie. I asked what movie and she said “He made a farm.” I laughed and asked “We bought a zoo?”

In that movie, the little girl exclaims “We bought a zoo!” This week I have wanted to tell everyone I saw “We bought a house!”  While it’s not a zoo, this is the first house the Hardworking Husband and I have bought together or separately. So we are excited.

Here are the before pictures of our new house.  When I get it all together, I will post the afters.

Living Room​


Dining Room (notice ugly ceiling fan)​


Kitchen (please excuse the mess)​







We will not be doing anything to the bathroom except replacing the blinds and taking the wall paper border down right now. We are going to renovate it completely later.

We have begun the transformation of making it ours. The first thing we did was freeze up the air conditioner. 🙂 After we got that figured out, I began painting. I bought 5 different colors. Mostly different shades of the same color. We like our bedroom dark. It helps us sleep better. So I went with a darker shade for in there with an accent walk of the darkest shade. The TV will hang on that wall. Then for the living room, dining, room, kitchen and office I chose a shade lighter than the main color of the bedroom. I also needed to pick a ceiling color and I chose the lightest of the shades for it. And a shade of white for the trim. I considered getting a black for the trim but I didn’t want a shiny black for that and I don’t like the feel of satin on door frames. So a semi-gloss white was it.

I didn’t like the ceiling fan in the dining room.  It was brass and rather old lady looking.  So I bought a new light for it today.

The Hardworking Husband has been working hard on getting ready to move all the stuff from the other house. Wednesday we are having the carpets cleaned so we will be ready for the big move on Saturday.
I am looking forward to next spring. I have a huge garden space and a greenhouse. It was originally intended as a solar room to heat the house in the winter. But I think it makes a perfect greenhouse. I also have a ton of storage in the basement so I can store everything I preserve from the garden.
For now, I need to finish painting, pick a light for the hall, finish packing and clean both houses.

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Congratulations! I can't wait to see what you do with the space. Isn't it something that you can do whatever you want? I love that freedom. Thanks for sharing at What'd You Do THis Weekend.