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Huggies Stylish Baby Wipes

Full disclosure: This article is sponsored by Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean* Wipes

You probably remember how much I love Huggies from my post a while back about their fabulous diapers!  Well, they’ve given me the chance to share a new wipes product with you today, and I couldn’t be more excited!  These new Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean stylish baby wipes rock!

New Huggies Wipes in a stylish, soft case that fits more wipes in less space! #sponsored #HuggiesMomStyle

On top is the normal hard to-go case (doesn’t fit many wipes). Next down is the awesome New Clutch ‘n’ Clean soft case (fits lots of wipes in less room). Under that is the newer hard case (fits more, but takes up a lot of space). On the bottom, a traditional wipes tub.

I don’t know about you, but carrying around a hard refillable case of wipes is kind of a pain.  The case only holds a handful of wipes, and with a 4 year old, 2 year old and 9 month old, I need a lot more wipes than that- especially for longer trips.  In fact, because I’ve run out so many times, I started keeping one of the tubs of wipes in our van, but that’s kind of a pain, too, and sure doesn’t help with the messes that arise when we’re in a store or out for a walk.

New Huggies Wipes in a stylish, soft case that fits more wipes in less space! #sponsored #HuggiesMomStyle

What I love about these new Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes is that they fill the need I’ve had for more wipes, but they aren’t bulky.  Gone is the hard plastic case, and in its place is a soft, vinyl-like case.  This is so awesome, because you can choose to pack it super full for longer trips, or put less in for shorter trips. 

I also love that because the case is soft, you can fold it, shove it in between other things, and it basically just fits everywhere better.  Plus Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean wipes are easy to refill, which saves money- and I’m all about saving money!

These Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes were definitely made with moms in mind.  These are stylish baby wipes- not covered with cutesy animal prints, but with pretty, bright designs, which I think is perfect since it’s us mamas that are the ones carrying them anyway!  They also have an awesome snap strap that is so handy! I use the strap to clip the wipes on our stroller, so they don’t take up our tiny storage area in the stroller.

New Huggies Wipes in a stylish, soft case that fits more wipes in less space! #sponsored #HuggiesMomStyle

These wipes are available everywhere, and cost just $3.99.  And since they’re refillable, you can use the case over and over again! 

New Huggies Wipes in a stylish, soft case that fits more wipes in less space! #sponsored #HuggiesMomStyle

What is your favorite part of the new Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean stylish baby wipes? 
If Huggies could change one thing about packaging their wipes, what would it be?


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The Cookie Rookie

Tuesday 20th of May 2014

these look great! glad to have the info for future babies :)

Jamie H

Tuesday 20th of May 2014

They're pretty cool, and I've gotten quite a few compliments already about how cute they are!