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Kids’ Kitchen from a Nightstand


Note: I blogged this kids’ kitchen from a nightstand project on my personal blog about a year ago, but I wanted to share this project with readers on our blog, so I’m sharing it again!

After spending time looking at ideas on Pinterest, and spending more time trying to decide what exactly I wanted to do, I have finally finished this project!!!

I turned an old nightstand (this was actually an old record album stand) into a kitchen for the kids.

We have an old TV that is very heavy. It is definitely not a flat screen. It is right at the level that little fingers love, so we have had an end table/ nightstand in front of it for quite some time. Not a beautiful fix, but it keeps the kiddos from pulling the TV over on themselves and crushing them. I guess I’d rather have living, un-crushed kids than a Better Homes & Gardens type home.

So this same end table got a dressing up, and now it is functional for the kids, better looking, and still very strange to have in front of the TV, but oh well! 🙂  The kids love cooking on it!

My goal was to try to buy almost nothing to make this, but instead to use things we already had around the house.
So I bought dark blue Valspar spray paint (and just for the record, I do not recommend Valspar- go with Rust-Oleum Spray Paint, it covers way better, and one can goes much farther) and the fabric for the curtains. Everything else I found around the house.

Dan was awesome about helping out. He has a stack of old cabinet doors that he got for free off Craigslist, so he helped me screw one to the back of the end table. We also cut a piece off of the door to use as a shelf for under the “window.”

For the window I used a picture frame, and mod-podged a piece of scrapbook paper to it.

The stove burners are some cardboard coasters I had. I hot glued 3 coasters together, to make them a little bit taller, and then I used hot glue to make a ridge in circles so they look like burners.  For the stove knobs, Dan drilled holes for me, and I used some old cabinet knobs that we’d taken off the bathroom cabinets.

I have to send out a big THANK YOU! to my amazing husband– this kids’ kitchen from a nightstand could not have happened without his help!

Are any of you doing any fun recycling projects? I’d love to hear what you’re up to!

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