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Lego Star Wars Birthday Cake

Simple and cute Lego Star Wars Birthday Cake

I’m not a huge Star Wars fan. I mean, I enjoyed the movies and watch the new ones that come out, but I don’t get crazy about them. Same with my husband. And yet somehow, our kids are wild about Star Wars!

My daughter started reading Star Wars books (she’s only 8), and she can tell you all about all of the characters.  She constantly corrects me, since I can’t keep all the characters straight.  My son and other daughter have followed after her in their love of the series, so I guess we’re a Star Wars family.

Another big love my kids have is Legos.  This is one that I definitely share with them.  I remember saving up my money to buy a Lego set, and the fun it was to put it together.  Funny thing is that I actually have a couple of Lego Star Wars figures from my childhood!

So anyway, when it was coming up on Miss Magoo’s 8th birthday, it was no surprise when she decided she wanted a Lego Star Wars birthday cake.  She drew up what she wanted me to make, and we ended up with this Princess Leia cake, but with a more Lego look to it.

I know that Princess Leia didn’t have blue eyes, but Miss Magoo insisted on blue m&m’s for the eyes.  And the picture makes her skin look extremely white, but it was actually pale pink– it just isn’t a great picture.

To make the cake, I used 2 round cake pans, and 2 cupcakes.  When I mixed up the chocolate cake batter, I simply poured batter into 2 cupcake molds, and then used the rest for the 2 rounds.  It’s important to use 2 rounds so that the height of the cake is the same as the height of her buns.

To frost the Lego Star Wars birthday cake, I whipped up a batch of buttercream frosting and divided it in half.  To the first half, I added a few drops of red food dye to make a light pink color for the skin.  To the other half, I added in about 1/3 cup of cocoa powder.  I just added a bit at a time until it was the color I wanted it to be for her hair.

If you have a Lego Star Wars fan in your house, they’re going to love this Lego Star Wars birthday cake!  And you can enjoy it too, since it’s simple to make!

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