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Our Favorite Ways to Make Money Blogging

Find out our favorite ways to make money blogging so you can turn your hobby into an income!

Our Favorite Ways to Make Money Blogging. Turn your hobby into an income!
There are those few bloggers out there who will tell you that they blog simply because they love it.  I think that it’s so important to love blogging if you want to last, but let’s be honest:  we’re all hoping that at some point we will make money blogging.  So we decided to share with you our favorite ways to make money blogging.

When we started out blogging, one of the things that Lucy, Kerry and I decided was that we would never sacrifice our integrity to make money.  We will never try to push products on our readers that we don’t believe in, and we don’t want our sponsored posts to outnumber our “real” posts.  That said, we do want to make money blogging.  We can’t spend as much time as we do without the belief that it will eventually pay off.  And I’m sure you feel the same way, so you’ll want to make sure you are doing everything you can to make money blogging, and these programs will help!

In the spirit of full disclosure, any of these links that are possible will be affiliate links.  If you decide to sign up for one of these programs, we would really appreciate that you use our link as a thank you for us sharing this information with you.  Thanks!linqiaLinqia

Linqia is a program that offers sponsored posts, or campaigns.  They are unique in that you don’t go to their site and look through it to find campaigns you are interested in applying for.  Once you are accepted to their program, they will email you with campaigns that they feel you would be a good fit for.  If you want the campaign, you email them back (quickly, as they sometimes fill up fast).  They will email you again with a proposal for how much money you can earn on the campaign, based on a price per click on their link.

What we love about Linqia:

  • Quick Payment.  Every campaign we’ve done with them we’ve gotten paid within a week!
  • Not having to put in time searching for and applying for campaigns.  They approach you, so after you sign up you can just sit back and wait.
  • Fabulous referral program.  When you refer others to their program, you receive $5 per referral plus 15% of whatever the referral makes on their first campaign.

What we dislike about Linqia:

  • Campaigns tend to be fewer and farther between than with other programs we’ve used.  It took several months after we signed up before we were offered our first campaign.
  • Campaigns tend to fill up quickly, so it’s imperative that you check your email often.


In addition to sponsored posts, Clever offers content seeding.  Content seeding is where you don’t actually write a post about a certain product or brand, but instead you publish information for the brand on social media.  Most of these involve one tweet and one facebook post, but it varies depending on the campaign.

What we love about Clever:

  • Content seeding.  I love that this allows us to make a little extra money, without bogging down our blog with a bunch of paid campaigns.
  • Lots of opportunities.  There are always new campaigns being added to their site, and you can check in to apply for whatever sounds like a good fit for your blog.

What we dislike about Clever:

  • Some campaigns require high pageviews or high social media numbers.
  • Slow payment.  Although they tend to pay pretty well for campaigns, that payment won’t make it to you for about 60 days from the time you submit proof of post.

Mom's AffiliateMom’s Affiliate

Mom’s Affiliate is pretty similar to Clever Girl.  Sponsored posts, paid tweets and more.  Many of their campaigns pay a bit less than Clever Girl, but the payment is really fast, which makes up for a certain amount of money in our opinion!

What we love about Mom’s Affiliate:

  • Fast pay!  It’s so much nicer to finish up a campaign, submit proof of post, and have your payment within a few days.
  • Pre-written posts: These are posts that pay a bit less than a regular post, but they are pre-written for you.  These are really nice for getting extra content on your blog, and they’re so easy as all you have to do is copy and paste, add links, and add photos.

What we dislike about Mom’s Affiliate:

  • The site isn’t super user-friendly.  It can be difficult to navigate, so take some time to play around with it, as there are many opportunities, if you can just find them!


Sverve is also similar to Clever Girl and Mom’s Affiliate.  In the past, we’ve only seen campaigns that had really low pay, but we’ve recently seen some much higher numbers, so we’re hopeful that Sverve is getting better!  In fact, we recently did a campaign with them that was our highest paying campaign (from any company) so far!

What we love about Sverve:

  • Recently campaigns are paying much higher than before!
  • Paid tweets, pins, and more

What we dislike about Sverve:

  • High paying campaigns are less frequent

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 9.58.57 PMTapInfluence

This is a new one for us, but after joining, we have just accepted our first campaign with them!  So we like that!

What we like about TapInfluence:

  • Set your own prices of what you’d like to get for social shares and blog posts.

What we dislike about TapInfluence:

  • So far, nothing, but if we run into something we’ll update this!


We use PicMonkey all the time– like for every post we write.  Because of this, we were really excited to join their affiliate program.  It’s a product we believe in, and we love to let others know about it!  And they are fabulous, as they have a wonderful affiliate program!
For every person that goes through your link and signs up for PicMonkey‘s Royale program (which has some really cool extra features, such as unique fonts, fun overlays, and some phenomenal edits such as their “clone” feature) you receive 50%!  Seriously, 50% is unheard of!  You do have to be a current Royale subscriber in order to apply for the affiliate program.

What we love about PicMonkey’s Affiliate Program:

  • Everything!
  • 50% commission
  • Easy to sell since we believe in the product!

What we dislike about PicMonkey’s program:

  • Nothing– this is one we believe in wholeheartedly!

We also make money by placing ads on our site and working with affiliate programs, and we will share more about that in a future post!

If there are fabulous programs that you are using and you love, we would love to check them out!  If you’re the first person to introduce us to a new program, we will use your affiliate link and hopefully pass the love on to you!  So share away!

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Our Favorite Ways to Make Money Blogging. Turn your hobby into income!

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