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Make Your Own First Aid Kit

About 6 years ago, Dan and I had two experiences within a short time that made me realize that we needed to have a first aid kit in each of our vehicles (and one in our camper as well).
The first experience happened when Dan and I were dirtbiking. We came around a corner and there was a truck coming towards us. For whatever reason, I panicked and grabbed my front brake hard. I went over the handlebars. Dan got me to a safe spot and went for our truck, but as I lay there with a throbbing, broken leg I thought that we should probably have an instant ice pack and an ace bandage in our first aid kit.
Shortly after this experience, Dan was with a friend who sliced his arm open on a fence. Fortunately, Dan was quick thinking and had his Leatherman on hand, so he took off his sweatshirt, cut a strip off of it and tied it around his friend’s arm. The friend ended up having to have surgery, since he had cut through ligaments and such, but he could easily have been worse off with as much blood as he lost.
After these two incidents occurred, I was spurred to action. I hope that maybe you can spur yourself to action before you need a first aid kit, so that you have it on hand when the time comes.
I looked at a lot of first aid kits, but I thought that most of them seemed to be overpriced and under equipped.  The quality of the items was definitely not great, and there were very few of each item in the kids. So I set about making my own first aid kits.

I made 3, one for my car, one for Dan’s car, and one to keep in our camper. I bought tackle boxes (that I found on clearance) for the storage, but a bag or box of any sort will work- do what will work for the space you have.

I’ve also included bottles of water and protein bars, just in case we were to have our vehicle break down or something.
Are there any other items you would include if you made a first aid kit?

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