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Mason Jar Bird Feeders

Mason Jar Bird Feeders are a fun, quick craft!
Mason Jar Bird Feeders are a fun, quick craft!

Not too long ago, I was at our local feed/hardware store (Cal-Ranch), when I saw these super cute chicken feeders.  Dan isn’t ready for chickens (yet!), so I thought how cute they would be as bird feeders.  However, they would need to be suspended somehow, instead of on the ground for chickens.  So it seemed that wire would be a good way to hang them in a tree for bird feeders.  I also wanted to make a diamond shape to look similar to chicken wire, since I thought that would be fitting with using the chicken feeders.

I used a cheap wire from Cal-Ranch that is for fencing.  It is a thicker gauge, and much cheaper than most other places.  However, it is steel and will rust (which I like).  If you don’t want your wire to rust, go for a galvanized utility wire that you should be able to find near the picture hanging items.

Mason Jar Bird Feeder Supplies

What you need to make these Mason Jar Bird Feeders:

Cut four pieces of wire approximately 3 feet long each.  You’ll want longer if you want a longer loop at the top.

The first step is the hardest.  The rest is super easy.  I had these made in about 10 minutes each.  So, get ready for an awkward step first.  And if you have any questions, refer to the pictures– each picture is before the directions associated with it.

Mason Jar Bird Feeder1
Take one piece of wire, and place approximately the center of the wire against the neck of the jar.  Do the same thing with another piece of wire.  If you have someone who can help you hold a wire for a second, that’s helpful, but I did this by myself, so it’s possible.  Where the wires intersect, twist them.  Then add another wire next to the second one, and twist where the second and third wires intersect.  Do this again with the fourth wire, and then also twist the fourth and first wires.

So basically, you will have 4 twists spaced pretty evenly around the jar.

Mason Jar Bird Feeder2Next, take the ends of each wire and make them come back together.  This creates a triangular shape.  Twist them around each other.  Do this with all 4 wires.

Twist the wires around the opposite wires again, this time creating a diamond shape.  Do this until your diamond shapes reach the end of the jar.

Mason Jar Bird Feeder3
At the end of the jar, take two wires and twist them tightly again and again until you reach the end of the two wires.  Do the same thing with the other wires, twisting two at a time.

Mason Jar Bird Feeder4
Take two of the wire twists and twist them together.  Do the same with the other two.  This will be what we hang the mason jar bird feeder from the tree with.

Mason Jar Bird Feeders are a fun, quick craft!
Loop the ends together and twist them to each other.  I did this in two different ways.  On the first one the ends were long enough that I looped it around the tree branch. 

Mason Jar Bird Feeders are a fun, quick craft!
On the other, I used an extra piece of wire wrapped around the tree branch to hang it.

Fill them with bird seed and water, screw the feeders on the bottom and hang them up- that’s it!

Mason Jar Bird Feeders are a fun, quick craft!
I love how these turned out, and how cute they look in our little tree.  The trees are starting to bud, and we had some fabulous weather up until this last week, so I can’t wait to see the birds start coming around!

How’s the weather where you’re at? 


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