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May Top 5

May has been a busy month for all of us! Kerry has been traveling a lot, including her anniversary trip to Yellowstone that she shared on the blog (which technically happened at the end of April, but was shared in May).
Lucy had a Salad Supper at her church, and shared ideas for centerpieces as well as a recipe for a yummy salad.
I have been continuing to get ready for homeschooling preschool this fall, as well as growing a larger and larger belly (I’m now 31 weeks).
We know it’s probably been a busy month for you, and with school out and summer starting, it’s bound to get busier. If you need ideas for what to cook, don’t forget to check out Kerry’s menu for the month of June!
We will also be starting a monthly giveaway for our email subscribers. So if you haven’t signed up for emails, get signed up right away, make sure to verify your subscription, and we will announce this month’s winner in our post on the 10th. In the future, once you have signed up and verified, you will be entered into our drawing automatically, and we will post the winner with the Top 5 post each month. This is just a small way for us to thank those of you who are faithful followers of our blog.
So, without any further ado, here are our top posts for May!


Most viewed (these posts were neck in neck for first place):

Kerry shared a recipe for making your own Velveeta-type cheese, and it has been a huge hit! I’m not surprised it resonated with so many of you, since I have a lot of recipes I love, but I hate using all those chemicals that Velveeta contains. Being able to make my own will definitely come in handy!  This post was featured onRediscovering Lost Arts from Our Mothers.


I shared this idea for an outdoor activity. It’s super easy and free, since the “paint” is actually just water. However, despite the simplicity of it, kids seem to really love it!
A big thank you to The Sugar AuntsHomeschooling on the Cheap and iGameMom for featuring the post!


Second Most Viewed:

Kerry shared another awesome recipe, this time for a healthy but filling smoothie!  If you need a fast breakfast or a healthy snack, you should definitely check it out!


Lucy’s Favorite: 

Yet another amazing recipe from Kerry! These cookies contain both white and milk chocolate chips, as well as pecans- seriously a delicious combination! Lucy says these were her favorite post, because “they’re cookies, and it doesn’t get much better than cookies!”

Kerry’s Favorite: 

Not exactly a fun topic to tackle, but I shared this post about making a will because I believe strongly in it.  If you have anyone who depends on you, or who would be affected by your death, a will is a must. But if you have kids, it is especially important!
Kerry chose this post because “I have had a friend die without a will and it was a big mess for her adult children. And I agree it is very important.”


Jamie’s Favorite:

Lucy shared this recipe, and I can’t wait to try it! My husband loves pizza, and wishes we could eat it every night– but honestly, I get tired of the same old pizza time after time. I’m excited to try this stromboli, since I think it will satisfy his pizza desire, but be different and fun for me!

Don’t forget that Father’s Day is coming up soon! It seems like often dads don’t get celebrated as much as moms, so make sure your dad feels special this year! If you need an idea for a cheap but delicious craft you can make for Father’s Day, check out Lucy’s Candy Ties, which comes with a free printable!

We are so thankful to you, our readers, for reading, pinning, and sharing our posts!

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