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Meal Plan #10

This month’s meal plan theme is let’s use up what I have in the freezer before I get half a cow at the end of the month. I will also be including all the recipes I will be blogging about which have a Thanksgiving dinner theme. I am excited about getting my first half a cow. I’ve never done this before. Jamie has done this several times. She knew it was something I was wanting to do and when they were buying calves is the spring she called. Organic, grass fed, hormone free beef for non retail prices – I’m in!

After digging around in the freezer, I see I have a lot of pheasant, white tail deer back strap and mule deer ground meat. I guess I need to get creative. Since I’m nearly out of chicken I will be substituting pheasant for chicken. So be aware that pheasant meat is red when raw and turns white when cooked. My pictures may look a little off. And I will be substituting deer meat for beef which looks the same and I’ve been doing for a while.



Menu for November

Week 1:

Week 2:
Beef Stew
Chicken Tacos
Rosemary & Garlic Pork Chops

Week 3:
White Tail Backstrap (you can substitute a tenderloin for this)
Tortilla Soup
Ham (save the ham bone for later in the month)
Baked Tortellini Casserole

Crockpot Lemon Garlic Chicken

Week 4:
Steak & Baked Potato
Crockpot Lemon & Garlic Whole Chicken
Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Crockpot Italian Chicken

Week 5:
Cowboy Casserole
Chili’s Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers Knock off
Slow Cooker Ham & White Beans
Happy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Leftovers

As I typed this list, I realized I got slow cooker happy this month. At least, those are easy meals.

Printable Calendar:

or November



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Wednesday 30th of October 2013

This looks really good! If only I could get my hubby to eat all of's a really great place for me to start, though--thanks for sharing on the Daily Blog Boost! <3

Kerry C

Wednesday 6th of November 2013

Thanks so much. Maybe you could pick and choose and make what works for you.