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Monthly Meal Plan 3.11

A monthly meal plan to help you save time and money. A plan always helps when life gets crazy.


Monthly Meal Plan 311

Last week The Hardworking Husband brought home meat. A LOT OF MEAT. Friends were cleaning out their freezer before they moved and gave us a lot of meat. Among it all, there was 50 lbs of elk burger. Let me just say I love elk burger and am very excited about it.  I should ration it out so we can enjoy it longer, but for November I’m using a bunch of it because I just can’t help it.

Everything I’m making with the elk burger can be made with ground beef. Now I just need to dig through the freezer and see what else is in there. We have two freezers. One is an upright and easy to look through. This is where the elk burger is stashed.  The other is a small chest freezer. It is full to the top. It’s going to take a bit to find out what is in there.  I had recently gone through that freezer and there was only a single layer of meat in it prior to him bring home meat. So whatever is in there, it’s a lot.


Week 1: 

John Wayne Casserole

Leek, Sweet Potato, & Chicken Chowder

Sausage & Cabbage Skillet

Baked Ziti



Week 2:


Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers

Ham & Beans

Toasted Ravioli



Week 3:


Chicken Sliders

Pork Chops

Homemade Corndogs



Week 4:


Chicken Pot Pie

Ham & Split Pea Soup


Thanksgiving Leftovers


Week 5:

Cheeseburger Soup

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Monthly Meal Plan 3.11 from Coffee With Us 3

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Monthly Meal Plan 311


Jaclyn Kent

Monday 2nd of November 2015

I love that you plan out the whole month! We go week to week and it has been a bit crazy, so maybe we should look at going to a whole month!

Kerry C

Monday 2nd of November 2015

I have found planning a month at a time doesn't take me much longer than planning a week. And then I don't have to worry about it again for a month.

Kiersten Millican

Friday 30th of October 2015

I haven't tried Elk yet! I know what you mean about having a lot of meat, though. I'm looking forward to a ton of deer meat coming soon! When it does, I'll ration a bit for all season, but you have to use the good stuff a lot when you first get it! :)

Kerry C

Monday 2nd of November 2015

I really like elk. I like it better than deer. It has a different flavor and seems less gamey tasting.