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Outside the Box Mondays

We know that with the new year, many of you have made it a goal to save money and get your finances under control. Well, we’ve come up with a series we think you’re going to like: 

Outside the Box Mondays- Where we share ways to make things yourself and save money

Every Monday we will be sharing an idea with you on how you can save money, or how to make your money stretch farther.  These posts will cover all topics, from saving money on your food costs (and at the same time eating healthier) to saving money on household products. 

We already have some really fun ideas lined up, and as we post each one, we will also add it to this page.  So pin this page or bookmark it, because you’re going to want to come back here often!

So, to get you started, I’m including some of the posts we’ve already shared that can help you start saving money.  Check back next week for our very first official “Outside the Box Mondays” post- I think you’re going to love it!

Outside the Box Mondays

From Scratch

Foods that you normally buy from the grocery store, but you can totally make at home.


Stocking your freezer.

DIY Mixes

Mixes that you buy that can easily be made at home.

Bath & Body

Make your own products for bath & body.

Cleaning & Laundry

Clean your home and laundry without the chemicals.


Miscellaneous things that you can make yourself.

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Outside the Box Mondays


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