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Owl Themed Baby Shower

Adorable owl themed baby shower for a baby girl.

Ideas for an adorable Owl Themed Baby Shower for a girl!

One of my good friends is quite the princess.  She and I are so very different, but we make such great friends because of it.  She and I were given the opportunity to throw a baby shower for a dear friend of ours.  We were so excited.

Mrs. Princess was even more excited because Dear Friend is having a girl.  Now Dear Friend and I aren’t huge fans of pink, but a baby shower for a baby girl has to have pink.  We decided on an owl themed baby shower, complete with owl invites, owl game cards, owl bingo, and owl cookies.


My job for this owl themed baby shower was the food, invitations, and minimizing the pink.  After you see the pictures, you will see where I didn’t do a good job (hint: there was still a ton of pink!).

A local coffee shop not only makes fantastic coffee, but the owner makes beautiful cookies and cupcakes. You have seen her working in the cupcakes for mom’s 60th birthday and retirement party.

I ordered cookies from her for the shower.  That made my job of the food much easier.  The coffee shop did such an amazing job.  I simply sent her a copy of the invitation and she created adorable cookies.  I loved that I didn’t have to micro manage that to make sure they turned out amazing.


I found a couple things on Pinterest that I loved and wanted to do.  The first was super easy.  I made rice crispy treats with pink chocolate drizzled on top.  It’s a basic rice crispy treat. Once set, cut into serving size pieces and drizzle the chocolate.

I used white melting chocolate wafers and a little red food coloring. It really didn’t matter what the drizzle looked like.  Even when it made globs that meant a little more chocolate in that bite, and I don’t think anyone would protest more chocolate.

Rice Crispy Treats

The harder thing I made was popcorn boxes with a super cute graphic on it. I filled the boxes with popcorn & m&m’s with pink chocolate drizzled on it.


Popcorn Box

To make the boxes, I used a popcorn box I already had and cut it down to make it shorter.  I used that as a template and just cut them out of poster board.

I would love to share my template with you but it’s too big for me to scan.  However, there are many other popcorn boxes online you can use.  Like this one from The Idea Room.

The graphic to go on the popcorn boxes is available in our Etsy shop.  If you would like different colors they are available as well. Just email and I can make whatever color you would like.

 Popcorn Box


Mrs. Princess was in charge of the decorations, the games, and the pinkification of the owl themed baby shower. She did her job well as you can see from the pictures.  She also made the punch.


We played a game that you got points for the things in your purse.  We were sure the lady who brought the purse big enough to be a suitcase would win. But a lady who had a purse 1/4th the size won.  I really think her purse was a Mary Poppins bag.

Baby Shower Game

We also asked everyone to give the mom to be advice.  She got some great advice from all the moms there.

Baby Shower Advice

We also played Bingo.  We gave everyone owl Bingo cards and asked them to fill in the squares with what they thought she would get. Then as she opened presents they covered the squares with owls. We had a Bingo pretty quickly.

Baby Shower Game

You may have guessed the theme of the shower was owls.  Dear Friend loves them and we found some really cute owl plates and napkins.

Baby Shower Owl

We had a blast!  And Dear Friend was blessed by family and friends that love her.  So I call that a success.

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Ideas for an adorable Owl Themed Baby Shower for a girl!

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Tuesday 17th of May 2016

We love the bingo game! :) Must try it as well.


Tuesday 25th of February 2014

I love this! What cute ideas!!! Pinned! :)

- Brooke -

Kerry C

Wednesday 5th of March 2014

Thanks Brooke.


Thursday 20th of February 2014

The cookies are so lovely!

Kerry C

Wednesday 5th of March 2014

Thanks. I love the cookies my friend makes. She does such a great job.