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Preschool Thanksgiving Place Holders

Thanksgiving place holdersThis year for Thanksgiving, the kids helped make place holders. These were really easy, although I did have a hard time finding large enough pom poms for the turkey’s head. Which is why they’re a bit hairy- I ended up using pom poms that would go on the top of a knit hat instead of craft pom poms.

What you need:

-Empty cans (I used my Pampered Chef can opener to open the cans so that there wouldn’t be any sharp edges. For a similar-type can opener, look at this OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener)
– Brown spray paint (I tried craft paint first, but spray paint adhered better and was a lot faster)
-Pipe Cleaners (I got a large package from the dollar store)
-Googly eyes (pretty sure these were from the dollar store, too)
-Craft Beads (I got these from Joann’s)
-Construction paper
-Hot glue gun
-Large Brown pom poms (I used Lion Brand Yarn 603-126 Pompoms (double), Mink but afterwards, I found these Pom Poms 2″ 8/Pkg-Brown that would be less hairy)
-Letter stickers


Empty and wash the cans. Spray paint the cans.


Have the kids put craft beads on the pipe cleaners. We did 20 beads per pipe cleaner.

pipe-cleanersBend each pipe cleaner in half and twist the two ends together.

bend-pipe-cleanerHot glue the pipe cleaners on the back of the cans. I hot glued them onto the side of the can where you could see a slight discoloration from the label glue.

Cut diamonds for the beaks out of orange construction paper. Using red construction paper, make a wattle (I had to look up this word, because I always just called it the gobbler. Don’t laugh too hard- I bet you didn’t know what it was called either!) Hot glue them to a pom pom. Hot glue googly eyes as well.

Make sure that you have fun with the googly eyes. Apparently they’re pretty cool.


Hot glue the pom pom to the opposite side of the can from the tail. You can glue it up high and put the name ribbon below it or do the pom pom low with the ribbon above it. We did them both ways.Thanksgiving Place Holders

Tie the ribbon around the can and stick stickers on for each person’s name. Fill them with the silverware, and you’re ready for Thanksgiving dinner!

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving dinner? If so, are you casual or formal?


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