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Preschool Prep

Join us for the Preschool Prep series, where I delve into the steps to take to prepare yourself for teaching preschool homeschool!


I am planning to homeschool my kids, and I would like to start Miss Magoo with preschool this fall, since she turns 4 in November.  However, since I’m having a baby at the beginning of August, I figured I’d better get started on preparation for the homeschooling preschool school year before I get wrapped up in a brand new baby.
Since I’m usually a procrastinator, I know that if I don’t get things started right away, I’ll be trying to create a classroom space, figure out materials, get supplies, and more, all in between nursing a new baby! I don’t think that sounds like a great idea, so I’m setting goals for myself on preschool prep.

So far I have this awesome table for the kids that my friend Ramona gave me. Last fall I spray-painted it red.

As you can see in the picture, we have a relatively small space to work with, so good organization will be key.

  • April: I will make up a list of supplies we need to have, and figure out where they will be put away (for instance, storage space for paper, craft supplies, markers, crayons, and pencils, and any books we might be using this year)
  • May: I will print out and organize materials for teaching the alphabet  (for both letters and numbers, I plan on using curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler)
  • June: I will print out and organize materials for teaching numbers
  • July: I will do any other projects that come up, since right now I’m not sure what else I will need
  • August: I will have a baby, and shop back-to-school sales for items on my supply list
  • September: We will begin homeschooling!

I hope you’ll keep me accountable to following this schedule, and if you have any input or ideas of things I’ve missed, I would be so grateful for any help!

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Jamie H

Saturday 2nd of March 2013

Alison, I will definitely take you up on that! Thanks so much for offering! (And I love hearing that there are more people who love the program! That's so encouraging!)