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Repurposing A Medicine Cabinet

I am repurposing a medicine cabinet into a essential oil cabinet. This will help me get what I need for a little money and a little elbow grease.

oil cabinet collage 1


Jamie, Lucy and I love to go yard saling.  It is one way we all save money. We buy used to use it as is or to repurpose. I have gotten some great things. I got 2 Roombas. Unfortunately the $10 one died but the $5 one is still going strong.  I have gotten a few pieces of furniture. Canning jars for all our canning escapades. One of the great things we found was an old 80’s style medicine cabinet. I know you probably think why in the world would you want that. 

Well you see, I’ve been needing a cabinet for my essential oils. And I knew I could transform this into the perfect cabinet. This is what the cabinet I started with. 


Repurposing a Medicine Cabinet (Before)

You can see my other projects in the mirror. Check my next post for that project.

I began with taking it apart and sanding it so the new paint would adhere. Painted it with ??? paint. It took a few coats but now that 80’s look is gone.  I removed the glass and replaced it with a wainscot board and painted it with chalkboard paint.  

Repurposed Medicine Cabinet after

Having the chalkboard on there allows me to write down what oils I need to reorder and new oils I want to try. I can also write down my current favorite diffuser blends.

Inside oil cabinet

The cabinet helps me keep all my oils in one place. They tend to get scattered around the house as I use them. This cabinet also helps store oils as they should be – in a dark, cool place. Extended exposure to sunlight and heat can change the composition and evaporation rate of even the purest oil.  This will change the effectiveness of the essential oil.  

oil cabinet collage 1

Have you repurposed anything lately? I’d love to see pictures of it.

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Saturday 22nd of May 2021

I already have an 80's medicine cabinet so I can refubious mine, can't wait!!!! Hope to make it a spice rack for my kitchen... whooooho

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Thursday 16th of March 2017

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Kendall Patton

Friday 16th of September 2016

This is awesome! I have had thoughts of turning medicine cabinets into things that we actually use, since we don't really go the medicine route. We certainly need this somewhere in our house to hold our vitamins/supplements! Right now we're using a kitchen cabinet, which works well, except that our kitchen is seeming more and more cluttered, uggh! :)