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Scavenger Hunt Book

Scavenger Hunt Book

I love fall here in Texas.  It’s finally cool enough to get back outside all the time.  We love heading to the park each Saturday and taking lots of walks and not having to go early, early in the morning. 

One of my kids favorite things to do when we go walking is to have a scavenger hunt.  Sometimes I write a list out before we head out or sometimes I just make the list up as we go but they love searching for things as we walk.  Even when we don’t do a scavenger hunt, they often collect treasures along the way. 

I thought it would be fun to make “scavenger hunt” books.  My youngest two and I made these little books that tell us what to look for and also have a little pocket to put the item in.

Scavenger Hunt Book

These are simple books made with paper & yarn. The pockets are construction paper glued on the edge of 3 sides.

This was a fun two day project for us.  One day to create the books and another day of actually going on the scavenger hunt. (We didn’t have time for the actual walk on the first day as we had to let the glue dry). 

I got the kids involved in the scavenger hunt book making by letting them pick what we were going to look for, gluing on the pockets, and decorating the cover of their books. Of course older children could also write out what they needed to find. 

Making Scavenger Hunt Book

Making the Books


My youngest two (2 & 3) had a blast with these.  They really enjoyed having to search for something in particular.  I kept the instructions very simple for them and stuck with colors and simple object I knew they would see.  

But you could add harder objects and instructions depending on your child’s level.  In fact, I’m thinking about making these again with my older two and adding in some math!

Scavenger Hunt

Hunting with our books


 What have you done fun lately with your kids?


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