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Under the Sea Party Foods

10 great snacks, desserts, or appetizers to serve at an underwater or “under the sea” party!  So if you’re planning a little mermaid, fish, or any other ocean party, this list is perfect for your party!

Under the Sea Party Foods

Last week I share with you one of the kids’ favorite crafts for our VBS this summer. Today, I thought I’d share some of our snacks!  The theme of our VBS was submerged so all the food was under-water or beach themed.  Our snack lady (who is also my friend) went all out this year!  The kids loved the snacks & so did the adults!

These are pretty self explanatory but I’ll put what you need for each one or a brief how-to and a couple of them I’ve provided the link to the recipe.  Hope you enjoy these water-themed snacks!

Under the Sea Party Foods

Twinkie submarinesTwinkie Submarines – Twinkies, Frosting, M&Ms & Straws are all you need

donut lifesavers

Donut Lifesavers – Made with Powdered Donuts & a Red Frosting Pen


crab croissants

Crab Croissants –  Cute Sandwiches (whatever kind you want) with marshmallows & edible eyes


Nutter Butter Sandals – Cookies, Frosting, & Sprinkles

Under the Sea Graham Crackers

Under the Sea Graham Crackers – Graham Crackers, Blue Frosting (we used vanilla frosting & food coloring) sprinkles & Gold Fish. 

banana dolphins

Banana Dolphins – Cute Half-Banana Dolphins with grapes to feed them

Swimming Fish Cookies

Swimming Fish Cookies – Shortbread Cookies, Sprinkles, & Goldfish

Swimming in Jello

Swimming in Jello – Blue Jello & Swedish Fish (we like to add the fish right before serving so they don’t get hard)

Deviled Eggs Sailboats

Deviled Eggs Sailboats – Deviled Eggs with Red Pepper Sails secured with a toothpick

cool blue punch

Cool Blue Punch – Make lemonade & add about 6 drops of blue food coloring to the top.  Do not mix until right before you serve.

Hope you enjoy these fun & tasty “under the sea” treats! 

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Under the Sea Party Foods