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Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day

Shamrock (clover) snacks and a craft for St. Patrick’s Day.

Shamrock Rice Crispy Treats- A fun treat to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! #stpatricksday #shamrock

I’m not much into the “luck” aspect of St. Patrick’s Day, which makes it hard, as a blogger, to think of something to share for St. Patrick’s Day. 

Last year I shared a toilet paper roll craft and a short story of who St. Patrick was.  This year I finally decided to go with a theme of shamrocks for teaching the kids about St. Patrick’s day, but focusing on the trinity.

When St. Patrick went to Ireland as a missionary, it is said that he used shamrocks to teach the people about God and the Trinity.  So the kids and I had a Shamrocks themed homeschool day today.

We started with a clover craft.  This was really easy for me to put together, and easy but fun for the kids.  Miss Magoo had fun trying to read the leaves on her own. 

She’s really making amazing progress on reading, and she loves reading so much that she’s reading labels and book spines and signs at the store.  There’s still a lot that she needs help with (I can’t believe how ridiculous the “rules” are in teaching English! None of the “rules” is really a rule- they all have a dozen exceptions!) but she’s so excited about reading, and she’s doing great!

Trinity Shamrocks Preschool Craft- Teaching the Trinity of God through shamrocks #stpatricksday

To make this easy craft, just cut out 3 hearts, and then cut out a stem that’s about as long as one of the hearts is tall.  On one heart write God the Father, the next heart God the Son, and the final heart God the Holy Spirit.  Give your child glue or a glue stick and a sheet of white paper, and let them glue them on, while you explain that all three leaves make up the clover, in the same way that the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit make up the trinity.

We finished with shamrock rice crispy treats, which I made following the normal rice crispy treat directions, but used a heart cookie cutter to cut out the 3 leaves, and sprinkled with green sprinkles.

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?  If so, what do you do?

Here are some more St. Patrick’s Day ideas for you:

It’s always fun to do edible crafts. I’m pretty sure that’s why Fruit Loops Rainbows are always a big hit with my kids.

St. Patrick’s Day Parfaits are a delicious treat that are perfect for celebrating your favorite Irish holiday! Layers of pudding, lime pound cake, and Lucky Charms.

Let your kids practice their cutting, measuring, and stapling skills with these Rainbow Heart Clovers!

This St. Patrick’s Day craft can be put together quickly with items you’re sure to have hanging around the house.  Plus, it includes the story of St. Patrick.

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t complete at my house unless we’ve had Soda Bread.  It is such an easy bread to make, with just 4 ingredients!


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