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No I didn’t completely lose my mind and just throw random letters together to title this post. Each letter stands for something. See How Much I Love You.  (See I’m not totally crazy…well at least about this).

My dad read in a book or somewhere, who knows now, about a man who left his wife little notes around the house that said SHMILY. My dad started doing this for my mom. He hid little strips of paper all over the place that read SHMILY. My mom even found some of these after he had passed away. Little reminders that she was loved.

My husband and I have randomly done this for each other over the 9 years of our marriage. He would stick it in a card or hide a few notes for me and then months (or years) later I would hide some for him.
As his birthday was approaching this year, I realized I hadn’t done this for him in awhile. So I thought, I would make his favorite German Chocolate Cake (I decided to make this into cupcakes) and put these letters across the top.

I also let the kids help me hide some around the house. Not sure that was a good idea since they told him everywhere they were the second he walked in the door. I also made sure to tape one to the remote (you know, man tool!).
I love that I’m continuing a tradition, or little act of love, that my parents did.​

This pic was taken the day after his bday
at a wedding on a boat (it was windy and sprinkling).

Do you have any little things you and your spouse do to show each other you love them? Any traditions?


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Lucy T

Monday 1st of April 2013

I love your ideas of hiding love notes or writing on the mirror. Do you remember where you read the SHMILY story? I'd love to know where my dad originally got it.

Taylor-Made Ranch

Monday 1st of April 2013

I read the SHMILY story several years ago and it stuck with me as well. I like to write little love notes and tuck them into my Honey's coat pocket or fold into his sock drawer for him to find. I also like to take a bar of soap and write a short love message on our bathroom mirror. Showing your spouse how much they mean to you is an important connection. Thanks so much for sharing this post. (visiting from Thriving Thursdays)

~Taylor-Made Ranch~Wolfe City,