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52 Reasons I Love You

You may have noticed that I am the one who doesn’t craft. It may have something to do with the fact that crafting irritates me. I get annoyed that things don’t turn out how I pictured in my head. I can’t cut straight. I get glue every where. I have terrible handwriting. I could go …

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Anniversary Trip to Yellowstone

This year the Hardworking Husband and I decided to postpone our anniversary trip to the end of April when Yellowstone National Park opened.  Weekend before last, we headed to the park for the weekend.  The first night we stayed at some friend’s vacation house about 2 hours from the park.  The second night we stayed …

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No I didn’t completely lose my mind and just throw random letters together to title this post. Each letter stands for something. See How Much I Love You.  (See I’m not totally crazy…well at least about this). My dad read in a book or somewhere, who knows now, about a man who left his wife …

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