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The Best Muffin Recipes

The Best Muffin Recipes around! We’ve got fruity muffins, chocolate muffins, and muffins for every season!

I was looking through our blog the other day, and found that we have a lot of muffin recipes, and most of them are mine.  Apparently I make a lot of muffins, but that’s not really surprising, considering how wonderful muffins are!

Muffins are quicker to bake than breads, due to their smaller size.  This makes it much easier to whip up a batch and have them baked all within about 30 minutes.

Muffins are great for on-the-go breakfast options, or for after school snacks.

If you love making muffins, I would definitely recommend that you purchase this 2 dozen muffin pan.  It has made muffin baking so much easier, since you can bake 2 dozen muffins all at once, cutting your baking time in half.  If you use this link, our blog will make a small amount of money for referring you, but your prices will stay the same.  We really appreciate it!

You may be new to making muffins, and if you are, you’ve come to the right place!  Not only do we have some delicious recipes here for you to try, but we’ve also got answers to your most pressing questions about how to make muffins.

What is the most popular muffin flavor?

I think it’s safe to say that blueberry muffins are the most popular flavor.  This can be easily seen by the fact that almost every bakery carries blueberry muffins.  However, I have found that my Fresh Strawberry Muffins are always a huge crowd pleaser.  Any time I make them, I get asked for the recipe.  They’re to die for!

What ingredient makes muffins fluffy?

Muffins rise due to the use of baking soda or baking powder (we call these leavening, and occasionally both are used in the same recipe). 

The perfect amount will vary from recipe to recipe, depending on the other ingredients being used.  Recipes that are heavier may require more leavening.  It’s important to follow a recipe in order to have the right amount of leavening.

Another factor in fluffiness of muffins is altitude.  The air pressure is lower at high altitude, which may cause your muffins to rise faster.  It’s possible that this can cause the muffins to rise too fast too early in the baking time, and then they fall. 

Our recipes have been baked at high altitude, so no need to adjust them if you’re also baking at high altitude.  If you’re baking our recipes at a very low altitude, you may find that they do better with about 1 Tablespoon less flour.

How can I make my muffins more moist?

The biggest factor in creating a moist muffin instead of a dry, tough muffin is to make sure that you don’t over mix the batter.  When adding the wet and dry ingredients, muffin batter should be mixed just enough to moisten the batter.  Over-mixing with result in muffins that aren’t moist.

Another factor is the ingredients used.  Adding fruit or fruit purees to the batter will result in a more moist muffin.  Using yogurt instead of milk will also result in a more moist muffin.

Now that we’ve gotten those tips out of the way, here are the Best Muffin Recipes!  If you have any other questions about how to make an amazing muffin, drop us a comment below.  We would love to help you out!

The Best Muffin Recipes

Find the Best Muffin Recipes here, plus baking tips to help your muffins turn out better!

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