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Things to Do In Yellowstone National Park in a Day

Do you know that Yellowstone is the world’s first national park? It is one of the last large ecosystems that are still intact in the temperate zone. Yellowstone is a vast place with an area of nearly 3,480 miles. With the destination located among mountains, lakes, rivers, geysers, canyons, and other geological wonders, Yellowstone appeals to everyone from around the world.

From the diversity and richness of its wildlife to hydrothermal areas and lush forests, things to do in Yellowstone are limitless. Ideally, exploring the wild and vast landscape of Yellowstone could be tough. But it is possible to see lots of astonishing things in Yellowstone National park in a day.

If you have just one day to explore Yellowstone, you need to know where you can visit and stick to the tight itinerary. We know that everyone would be interested in different things, so we are going to show you a list of things to do in Yellowstone National Park in a day. Read on!


  • Old Faithful


Of all the geysers in the park, Old Faithful is the first to receive a name. It is one of the locations in Yellowstone that assures you of a jaw-dropping show. Explore the Old Faithful Inn to have a glimpse of the highly predictable eruption that happens every 44 to 125 minutes. For easy access to everything, you can park behind the Visitor Education Center where you would find signs predicting the next eruption. There is 90 minutes interval between the eruptions that gives an impressive sight of about 8,400 gallons of piping hot water.  


  • Grand Prismatic Spring


You can enjoy the fantastic view of the largest hot spring in the United States and the world’s third largest hot spring. Grand Prismatic Spring displays vivid colors that correspond to the rainbow dispersion of white by an optical prism. With the combination of blue, green, yellow, orange, and red color it displays, this location is a lifetime adventure.  


  • Yellowstone Lake

Visiting the largest body of water in Yellowstone National Park should not be an option. You can enjoy a moose sighting through the window while driving partially along the Yellowstone Lake. There are picnic areas along the attraction where you can have an incredible view.


  • West Thumb Geyser Basin

This spot introduces you different geothermal features such as steaming lakeside cones, multi-colored pools, and bubbling springs of finely milled mud.  This stop also includes the deep Fishing Cone and turquoise blue Abyss Pool known as the Thumb Paint Pots.


  • Canyon Village and Grand Canyon

The attracting upper and lower falls of the beautiful Grand Canyon makes it worth catching a glimpse of. The exposed rock descending to the floor of the Canyon displays a rainbow of colors that are eye-catching. You can visit the Canyon Visitor Education Center located in the Canyon village before going to the Grand Canyon. With the real-time specific data, audio-visual productions, animations, and interactive exhibit, your visit is going to be an experience that would always be in your memory. You can enjoy the thundering vista from Artist Point, Red Rock Point, and Lookout Point.


  • Hayden Valley

If you are going to use a day in Yellowstone and need a location where you can view wildlife, Hayden Valley can fill the gap. This location is an outstanding habitat for wildlife, and it is frequented by elk, buffalo, coyote, grizzly bears, birds and a host of smaller animals. There are two trails, and you can take any one of them while you patiently observe as the animals come to feed, drink, and graze. With the fantastic view, you would wish to use more than a day in Yellowstone.


  • Norris Geyser Basin

Norris is the oldest, most dynamic and one of the most acidic and hottest thermal areas in Yellowstone. It has various trails and boardwalks that give you the opportunity to check out some of the colorful thermals it displays. There are frequent disturbances from water fluctuations and seismic activity making the basin features to change daily. You can also walk out the Echinus Geyser and Steamboat Geyser which is the tallest world’s geyser and the most popular features.

Additionally, you can have a view of the Porcelain Basin which has no trees but gives a sensory experience in smell, color, and sound. The heavily wooded Back Basin is also not worth the miss.


  • Tower Fall

When you go to the Northern region of Yellowstone National Park, you can have a glimpse of an astonishing waterfall that plunges a stunning 132 feet down to Tower Creek. While walking past the Tower Fall, you might be fortunate to see some wildlife like red-tailed hawks, osprey, black bears, peregrine falcons, bighorn sheep, and bears.


  • Lamar Valley

Go to the northeastern corner of the park for an easy-to-see population of large animals. Lamar Valley is known as the number one destination of viewing wolves because its most popular inhabitants are Lamar Canyon and Junction Butte wolf packs. If you are wolf enthusiast, you can see the impressive canines in action by using spotting scopes. Often you can also spot coyotes, elk, bison, deer, osprey, and bald eagles.


  • Roaring Mountain


If you have never heard a mountain roar, go to the north of Norris. You will see an acidic thermal area that is large and has lots of steam vents. Interestingly, you can see it from the park roads.     


  • Gibbon Falls

This attraction is accessible to people of all ages including handicaps. The way the Gibbon River tumbles over 84 feet is impressive. Take the short path along the river to have a view of the beautiful scenery.


There are some additional things to do in Yellow National Park in a day. They are:

  • Have a glimpse of the Changes in the Norris-Canyon Blowdown
  • Take a Scenic Drive by Virginia Cascades
  • Tour the Norris Geyser Basin Museum


Take Away

With the various spots in Yellowstone mentioned above, things to do in Yellowstone National Park in a day shouldn’t be a problem. It is important to know that making a proper preparation can provide you an adventurous experience that is second to known in Yellowstone.


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