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Time Telling Clock

You may remember from my post on Homeschooling Goals that one of our goals this year for Miss Magoo is to learn to tell time.  We have flashcards and workbooks that help her learn about telling time, but one thing I really wanted to make was a Time Telling Clock.

DIY Time Telling Clock helps teach children to read time easily!

I remember as a kid, there were some school classrooms that had clocks somewhat similar to this EasyRead Time Teacher Children’s Wall Clock, but I’m way too cheap to buy such a thing.  So I decided to make my own, and the time telling clock was envisioned.

I knew that it would be much easier for the kids to read, and also a great way to introduce skip counting by 5’s if I only marked every 5 minutes.  So I was then picturing making either 12 petals on a flower or 12 rays on a sun, so I asked Miss Magoo and she opted for the flower.

I bought a cheap clock from Wal-mart for $3.97, and used a cardboard box waiting to be recycled.  I was so excited to find a clock for so cheap that actually matches Miss Magoo’s new dresser that Dan built for her!

Materials You Need:

1. Trace the clock on your piece of cardboard.

2. Make a mark on the cardboard where every 5 minutes is at.

Clock Marks

3. Place the scrap paper between 2 of the marks and draw a petal shape that fits between those 2 marks.

4. Cut out the petal shape, and then use trace the petal all the way around your circle to make flower petals.

clock petal

clock trace

5. Cut out the flower shape.

6. Lay your clock facedown in the center of the flower, and trace around it. (Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of this part!)

7. Cut out the middle circle, then paint the flower and let dry.

8. Once paint is dry, you can write on the flower petals, or use stencils.  I used a permanent marker and some basic stencils.

9. Hot glue the clock front to the inside of the circle in your flower.

10. Hang up and start learning to tell time!

DIY Time Telling Clock helps teach children to read time easily!

Have you found any ways to help children learn time telling easily?

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DIY Time Telling Clock helps teach children to read time easily!

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Wednesday 6th of May 2015

This is a fantastic idea! My 12 year old still has to take a minute to figure it out, digital clocks have spoiled us! This would have made it so much easier when he was learning!

Jamie H

Wednesday 6th of May 2015

You're so right-- digital has definitely spoiled us! Thanks for the kind words, Krista!