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Vanilla Instant Pudding Mix

This recipe for Vanilla Instant Pudding Mix saves tons of money for when a recipe calls for Instant Pudding mix!

A bowl of vanilla instant pudding mix in front of a jar of that same.

Kerry gave me a starter for Amish Friendship Bread a while back. After making it a couple times, I had a crisis one day.

I had mixed together all of my ingredients up to the point where it called for vanilla instant pudding. I opened the cupboard and… there was no vanilla instant pudding. Ugh.

Little Man was napping, so running to the store was out of the question and I knew the bread would probably turn out terribly if I waited until he woke up, ran to the store, and then tried to bake it.

So I did what any modern girl would do 😉  I went to the internet.

I found an awesome recipe for vanilla instant pudding, and I’ve actually been more impressed with how my bread has turned out since I’ve been using this mix in place of packaged instant pudding. Not to mention it doesn’t have all the preservatives, PLUS it’s much cheaper.

Can this Vanilla Instant Pudding Mix be used to make pudding?
It is possible to use this pudding mix to make actual pudding, but it does require cooking. Because it has cornstarch in it, it won’t thicken up without heat to activate the cornstarch.
This recipe is better suited to be used in baked goods that call for a package of vanilla instant pudding, rather than to make pudding.


More recipes that use vanilla instant pudding mix are:

Yield: 10

Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix

Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • 2 cups cornstarch
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups dry milk
  • 3 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp nutmeg


  1. Mix dry ingredients together, then stir in the vanilla extract. (This turned out a bit clumpy, so I think if I made it again I would put it in the food processor to combine. But even though it's lumpy, it works fine in the bread recipe.)
  2. Store in an air tight container. (Needs to be big enough to fit a bit more than 10 cups of the mix.)
  3. Use 1/2 cup of mix in place of a large box (5 oz) of instant pudding in recipes, or 1/4 cup of mix in place of a small box (3-4 oz).


Makes 10 large boxes of vanilla instant pudding.


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DIY Vanilla Instant Pudding Mix in a quart jar and a bowl, atop a wooden cutting board.



E. L.

Wednesday 15th of May 2024

Could you please set this to where you have a way to print the recipe. If that feature is here & I've overlooked my apologies. I have to have print out my recipes to have them in the kitchen with me. At 81 I've learned to somewhat use my computer but find it a bit tiring to have to go from the kitchen to the computer to read & follow my recipes. Many thanks for the recipes and hopefully me learning how to print them. For those that want to use these for pudding I would use the same cooking instructions that are found on the store bought packages to start and adjust until the results meet your satisfaction. Have a Jesus blessed day all.

Jamie H

Wednesday 15th of May 2024

@E. L., If you look on the right side of the recipe card, under the picture, there's a print button. Just click that, and it will pull up an ad-free version of the recipe card for you to print. Have a wonderful week!

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Sunday 8th of October 2023

If I don’t have dry milk is it possible to use the normal wet milk? I'm going to cook my bread instantly so I don't think I need to save it for later.

Jamie H

Wednesday 18th of October 2023

@Anjii, unfortunately, this recipe won't work with regular milk. It's a replacement for the vanilla pudding used in many recipes. If it has liquid in it instead of powdered milk, it will mess up the final outcome of the bread.


Thursday 24th of August 2023

found an instant pudding mix that uses instant clearjel

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