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Visit Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is absolutely beautiful! There is so much to experience on this island. Learn place to go and things to see when you visit Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican topography differs so much throughout the island. There is the coast and the mountains. Even the different areas of the mountains and coast differ. The northern coast is the Atlantic Ocean. The water has more waves and can be a little bit rougher (but not rough). The southern coast is the Caribbean Sea. The water is very calm with very little waves. Although, I didn’t visit the western coast, I was told that that is the area to go for surfing. It has much bigger waves. 

The mountains have areas that are dryer and more desertous. Also there is a rain forest on the island. Both are beautiful. I especially enjoyed visiting the rain forest. The Hardworking Husband and I like visiting state and national parks. So I was excited that I could visit El Yunque National Forest. While it is actually a national forest, it is operated more like a national park. 

There is so much of the island that is small towns with many along the coast line. They are quaint and have some delicious authentic food. Many of these towns are still struggling after Hurricane Maria. Spending our tourism dollars in these towns helps them recover. I will expound on the struggle in another post. 

We visited Old San Juan one of our days there. If I hadn’t been out of shape and had worn better shoes, we would have seen so much more. (We did walk nearly 4.5 miles.) There is so much history is this city. San Juan was founded in 1521 giving it a rich history. There is also also so much delicious food. (Can you tell what I loved most about Puerto Rico?) 

Prior to going to Puerto Rico, I read about Yauco. It is a town that like most of the island is still trying to recover from Hurricane Maria. One of the ways they are trying to do that is painting buildings with brilliant colors and beautiful murals. These paintings are attracting tourists to their area. The money spent by the visitors is helping the local business owners to rebuild. We visited Yaucromatic2 . It was beautiful and very cheery.


And then there is the beach. There is so much beach. So many places you can pull off the road and get into the water. Many of the condos have private beaches. I highly recommend this condo.  My friend that I went with grew up in Puerto Rico. She kept saying the water was cold. Cold is relative. It wasn’t bad to me. I played in the water and loved it. But if you want warm water I recommend not going in February. But it you don’t mind the water being cooler but not cold and enjoy there being less people, February is your month. The air temps were around 80 every day. I enjoyed that. 

Puerto Rico is a wonderful place for a vacation. The island provides such a variety of things to do. I was there 7 days and didn’t explore everything. And if you are willing to try new foods, there is quite a variety of delicious food. Because Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory, it is an easy place to travel to. No customs, no passport, and they use American currency.

A quick summary of great places to see when you visit Puerto Rico:

  • Northern Coastline
  • Old San Juan
  • Southern Coastline
  • El Yunque National Forest
  • Yauco (Yaucromatic2 )

I hope you go an enjoy the beauty of Puerto Rico.

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