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Warning You May Be Killing Yourself!

Warning You May Be Killing Yourself! Do you still have tons of chemicals in your house? Here are 6 easy ways to go chemical free.


6 Easy Ways To Go Chemical Free

Have you been wanting to go chemical free like I have? It can be a challenge. It’s much easier if you do one thing at a time. Here are 6 ways to take to start on your path to becoming chemical free. 

1. Make your own food

Most of the easy processed food is full of preservatives. A great start to becoming chemcial free is to make those foods yourself. We have a great list of processed ingredients that you can make yourself and keep on hand.

2. Use essential oils to make your own beauty and health products

Did you know that a lot of your store-bought beauty and health products contain petroleum. And petroleum contains Xenoestrogen. That Xenoestrogen causes our hormones to be out of whack. I don’t make all my own products, but for the products I don’t make I buy them from Granola Girl’s etsy shop or from Young Living including deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo bars, hand soap, and mouthwash. When switching to shampoo bars, please be aware that it takes about a month for your hair to adjust. Stick with it. I have been using them more than a year and am so glad I switched.  

Need some ideas of how to make your own products? This list may help. 

3. Make your cleaning products or buy natural products

Cleaning products aren’t something I have made for myself, but Jamie has. She has a recipe for Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent. If you do not want to make your own or don’t have time, Young Living has natural laundry detergent.  

I have been using Thieves Household Cleaner. I have been surprised how well it works. I use it for the floors, mirrors, bathrooms, kitchen, well everything. I do make my own air freshener just by putting water and a few drops of Purification essential oil blend in a spray bottle. Just shake before you spray. 

Thieves cleaner


4. Use cookware that doesn’t leach toxins into your food

Somewhere in the middle of all the switches, I found pots and pans at TJ Maxx that I love. I did some research into what cookware is best. Cast iron doesn’t leach toxins into your food. However, more acidic foods like tomatoes don’t do well with the iron. Ceramic is also a good option. It is very versatile including being used in the oven and microwave. But it can be heavy and can crack if dropped. Stainless steel doesn’t leach toxins either but cannot be used in the oven and is not non-stick. The set I found and love is hard anodized aluminum. And while regular aluminum is not a good option at all, hard anodized aluminum is a different story. Its surface is very hard. The surface is covered in oxide from the aluminum. This oxide is non stick and does not leach toxins. It is also dishwasher safe. Woohoo! I love dishwasher safe. It’s seriously the easiest cookware to clean. Even if I couldn’t put it in the dishwasher, I wouldn’t mind hand washing because it cleans so easily. This is the set I have. I have just been buying them one by one. Often TJ Maxx has them. But if you want them now, Amazon has them.

Click to buy cookware set.

5. Use glass or stainless steel

Plastic is made from petroleum. And we discussed what petroleum does to us above. Food storage, drinking glasses, straws, dinner ware, etc. Anything you eat, drink, or cook your food with. Switch to glass or stainless steel. I love my glass drinking straws.


6. Avoid clothing that is flame retardant

To make clothing flame retardant, they use chemicals. These chemicals rest against our skin. Lots of children’s fleece pajamas are flame retardant. Buying natural cotton non flame retardant fabrics is best. Here are some options: (click pictures to purchase)


Cotton Pajamas

Click to see all options for cotton pajamas

Cotton Pajamas

Click to see all options for cotton pajamas












Are you trying to be more chemical free? What changes have you made?

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6 Easy Ways To Go Chemical Free